Ambulance Chaser TV Ads

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I'll raise you one pillow guy commercial, a Morgan and Morgan, and one ask Garey.
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Makes my blood boil. Their take comes from the auto premiums all of the rest of pay. Noone seems to care either.
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I'm going through a personal injury claim right now. A traffic accident left me with permanent disability, and changed my life. Darned straight I want to be made whole and I'm grateful for the guidance and experience of my attorney. I went with a respected local attorney but every time 'the biggest PI firm in the country' commercial comes on TV my bride says I should have used them. I want a tiger for a lawyer, not a snake!
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The word “shyster” must have been invented to describe the lawyers who advertise on TV. I do enjoy the Chiropactor from Jacksonville with a bulldog and two ferrets who advertises. He actually used to take shots at one of the local TV lawyer firms using his ferrets. classic!
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When it comes to car accidents. You’re only going to get what YOU are covered for. If the person that hits you has a 25k limit. That’s what you’ll get minus fees. Unless that person has money you’ll get Jack squat else. Attorneys won’t even try to get more because there is nothing else to get.

The only way to get more is to have uninsured motorist attached to your own policy.

I will say my ex wife was in an accident and had to have surgery. The person that hit her only had 50k policy. We had uninsured motorists with a 100k policy. The doctor bills for everything were over 225k. We walked away with 65k after all bills and attorney was paid.
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Here in Florida they take up most of the advertising on Tv and billboards. Their budget must be through the roof.
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This kid and his dad had a falling out. Kid looks like he has a "Affluenza" inspired coke habit that's pretty epic. Would think that with $ for a lamborghini pops could have scratched up some funds for a trip to the orthodontist.

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