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Default Drug Test

This is a summary of an email I got the other day, and I am sure that a ton of you have gotten it as well, but d@mn, this just makes good sense.

Just about any job that you go out and get these days requires you to take a drug test. This is especially true for any companies that have government contracts. As part of having these jobs, Americans that hold them, in turn, pay a portion of the money that is distributed to welfare recipients. Why is it that these folks don't have to take drug test at least on a random basis to remain eligible to receive their benefits. I have a feeling that this alone would reduce the annual cost of the welfare system overall.
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Default Re: Drug Test

Doesn't make any sense. I wish they'd drug test some of the idiots that work for Jiffy Lube
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Default RE: Drug Test

i'd guess they would drop by 25% in a year.good question why they dont
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it's the system:CONTACT:AdamT he has all the pull and all the ANSWERS
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