Wood Spiders!!!

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Default Wood Spiders!!!

Not to be confused with T-top spiders!
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Default Re: Wood Spiders!!!

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Default RE: Wood Spiders!!!

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Default RE: Wood Spiders!!!

very good
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Default Re: Wood Spiders!!!

The funniest part is at the end where it says it was produced by a church!!! That was good Just1More
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Default Re: Wood Spiders!!!

Wonder what percentage of that was actually from a real study?

Unofficially, they say that spider web is the strongest substance know to man. I once read where scientist said if they could make a spider web rope a 1/4" in diameter and long enough to reach the moon the spider web rope would be strong enough to pull the moon to the earth's surface!
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Default RE: Wood Spiders!!!

When we were hunting on our horses one day years back, my hunting buddy was ahead of me on small trail. And he ran into a woods spiders web, it caught him right in the face. He was shouting WHOA! WHOW! the whole time sliding back on his horse. He slide off the back of his horse and landing right on his butt. Then the horse stopped, he look up at his horse and said " Now you stop you FOOL" The spider was crawling on top of his head and I thought he was going to slap himself crazy trying to get it off . Every time I hear about wood spiders this comes to mind. If anyone has run it to a wood spider web you know what I mean.
He also told me a joke that day I will never forget:

A wife kept complaining to her husband they never did anything together. That she was a hunting widow and wanted to learn how to hunt. So, the husband bought her a gun, license, took her to the NRA hunting safety course, etc.

First day of deer season he sends her west while he goes east. After 5 minutes he hears what sounds like a small arms firefight about where his wife went. He stops hunting and goes to see what is going on.

He finds his wife pointing her rifle at a cowboy who is standing up against a tree with his hands up. The cowboy is saying, "All right, Lady, all right. The deer is yours. Just let me get my saddle off of it.

My freind got killed in a car wreck a few years later, but I will never forget the good time we had together.

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Default Re: Wood Spiders!!!

That's hilarious!!!

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Default Re: Wood Spiders!!!

used to see spiders everywhere, but then after i stopped drinking they quit coming around for some reason. Guess they aint as sociable as i once thought they were. Fair weather friends...
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Default Re: Wood Spiders!!!

I saw that about a week ago, very funny!
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