Massachusetts dog breeder

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Default Massachusetts dog breeder

Have much enjoyed this site and the varied and strong resource(s) the members and vendors represent.

The family is getting close to making the leap to dog ownership. Based on our research to-date, we are very interested in either an English Springer Spaniel or a Wheaten Terrier. Has anyone had any positive experiences with any breeders (lol- too easy) in Massachusetts or adjacent states? Similarly, if anyone has any positive, or negative, experience with these breeds, I would be pleased to hear from you.

Have just purchased a used 2006 GW Gulfstream which will splash in early May down the Cape. I look forward to your help with future boating and fishing queries.


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Default Re: Massachusetts dog breeder

I don't have any experience with breeders in MA, or with those breeds, but I do have some thoughts for you.
Contact the local breed-specific clubs in your area for a breeder referral. Honest ethical breeders will belong to the clubs, and will help you find the right pup for your family. Be sure the parents of the pup have had the appropriate testing prior to breeding (cardiac, eyes, thyroid, hips, elbows, etc.) and will be willing to help you after the sale. Be sure all paperwork is in order at the time of sale.
I have been breeding, raising, training, handling and hunting over bird dogs for 45 years here in South Texas. Good luck!
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Default Re: Massachusetts dog breeder

We had a Springer for 14 years.....GREAT dog! Never saw a body of water (mud puddles included) that she could pass up! She loved boating........but learned an early lesson when she tried to abandon ship to GO GET the seagulls that had dared to land in the water near our boat as it was moving at 15 knots on Long Island Sound. The birds just laughed and flew away of course, but then Holly (the dog) realized that she had not really thought out the process of getting back to dry land. We were not within 4 or 5 miles of the nearest shore, and I'm sure Holly could not see it from her low vantage fortunately she swam TOWARD the boat when we called her and I just scooped her up on the swim platform. But Springers are smart dogs, so she never tried that stunt again.

She was great with the kids, always gentle, and seemed to enjoy being used as a giant pillow for naps. She would play fetch with a stick, tennis ball, anything that she could get her teeth around until YOU fell down in exhaustion. I never hunted with her, but she enjoyed long walks thru the nearby woodlands....okay, I walked, she usually was chasing some critter thru the woods.

These dogs are very obedient, trainable, intelligent, fun-loving, devoted, and self-cleaning (their undercoats help them repel whatever gunk they tramp thru in the swamps or woods......she would come back almost black with swamp mud from some of our walks, but within a couple of hours, she would dry off and the gook would seem to flake up and fall off of her. (yes, I would hose her off when she needed it)

They do need space to run around and burn off energy.

We got our Springer from a place in Northbridge, MA called Moonhill Breeders. She was very black and very white.........we regularly got comments about the beautiful contrast in her coat. I am not sure if this breeder is still around since it has been 15 years since we used them. I tried to google them but had no luck. I will see if I can dig up some paperwork on them in my files somewhere. If I find it, I will PM you.

Hope this helps.....sorry for going on and on and on.

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Default Re: Massachusetts dog breeder

I drove to Vermont, Topsfield Basset, to get Yogi this past April:

Champions. Healthy. Great people to deal with. They don't ususally sell their litters, but will occasionally. My Yogi has "too much skin" on his elbows, which would detract from showing ability. We couldn't care less; we just wanted a healthy, loving, kid and other pet-friendly family member (we have another blind basset and two cats).
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Default Re: Massachusetts dog breeder

It is critical to but from a breeder with a superior reputation. Great advise to contact local kennel clubs or the American Kennel Club. They can give you the rundown on the breed you are looking at and carefully consider if that breed fits you and your family's lifestyle, this is so important. I know you have a few breeds in mind, but Labs make great family pets too, I got Hooper, my 6 year old yellow from a breeder in West Barnstable whose family has been breeding labs a long time, if you want contact info send me a PM, you will be very happy. He is very mellow, not a hypeactive Lab, but always ready to get involved.
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Default RE: Massachusetts dog breeder

Thanks for all the feedback!

Sully - great counsel.

msand - very helpful feedback. You'll also make my daughter eternally greatful (my wife's choice is the Wheaten, but my daughter has studied 100+ breeds and is convinced the ESS is choice #1)

Hooper - I am a huge Lab (black or yellow) fan myself. As I got to choose/buy the Grady, forces bigger than I will be making this call and it seems they're inclined towards a smaller breed. I have not fully given up the ghost and if viewpoints change I will definitely follow-up on your breeder recommendation.

Again, thanks to all and any further comments welcome!
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