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Looking for suggestions for a digital camcorder


Looking for suggestions for a digital camcorder

Old 01-28-2007, 10:20 PM
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Default Looking for suggestions for a digital camcorder

Can anyone make a recommendation? I'm looking for something with good digital quality so I can down the video to disc.
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Old 01-28-2007, 11:17 PM
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Default Re: Looking for suggestions for a digital camcorder

Not sure what's out there anymore but with many years experience I prefer Sony over Canon and JVC. I have owned all 3. Not sure if your looking at that level.

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Old 01-29-2007, 12:40 AM
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Default Re: Looking for suggestions for a digital camcorder

I want a small video camcorder, too, but I’m waiting a little longer. A couple of months ago I was playing with the new Sony Hi Def 16x9 video camera and comparing it to conventional video camera that are common today. There is nothing to think about, an HD camcorder is the only way to go. The price in Japan was around $900USD, don’t know if they are sold here yet or what price they sell for. Fwiw, I do NOT want a Sony camera, I'll wait. Unless you just have to have a camcorder right now, I suggest waiting for the HD cameras. You will not be disappointed!

Sony used to be known as a company that made a respectable quality of product. Not anymore. In Japan many folks avoid Sony products altogether. To give you an idea of how bad it is for Sony, it is literally unheard of for a non-Japanese person to head up a major Japanese company. Sony’s new CEO is a white guy they brought in from the USA. Sony’s board is desperately trying to save its shrinking market presents amid a handful of major corporate mis-decisions, i.e. invested in a Trinitron tube and not a flat panel display/tv, no viable MP3 player, total loss of the MD market in the US, could not secure BluRay as the hi def DVD standard …

JVC is a well respected name in video. I believe they invented the VHS format. National (known as Panasonic in the US) is also well respected. In recent years Canon has stomped all over Sony when it comes to those small, consumer video cameras, and given Nikon a run for its money with digital SLRs. Panasonic, Canon, and JVC will all introduce HD video camcorders very soon if they haven’t already, and that will establish a new video quality std as well as pull down the priced of all HD video camcorders.
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Old 01-29-2007, 08:14 AM
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Default RE: Looking for suggestions for a digital camcorder

While I admittedly don't know that much about them, I do know people that do. A friend of mine is a producer for UNC-TV. Hanging out with cameramen, video editors, audio technicians who know video gear, they are a big Sony shop. Now I know there is a difference between Sony's consumer video and professional video divisions. But, these guys buy Sony consumer gear for there own home useage. Oh yeah, there name for JVC? Japanese Video Crap.

Take a look at the new Sony HDV offerings. They are the HC5 and HC7.

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Old 01-29-2007, 08:30 AM
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Default Re: Looking for suggestions for a digital camcorder

Hey glassman. If you're interested. I have a Canon HV10 Hi Def camcorder for sale. It very compact and takes great video. It was used for about 35 minutes of video. Comes with a 4 year warranty. $900. Thanks!
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Old 01-29-2007, 11:24 AM
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Default Re: Looking for suggestions for a digital camcorder

Just something to possibly consider or ask about before deciding:

Wife bought a Sony on sale sometime shortly after Christmas. Then found out it wasn't directly compatible with MAC (she bought her first MAC in Nov) and needs to purchase some type of converter in order to get it onto her computer so she can edit video, add sound, fade-ins/out, etc. The converter was quoted by MAC as costing costing a little under the cost of the camera. I don't think I'm getting the full story....Per her, per MAC people Sony uses proprietary software not supported by MAC.

Don't know if you could run into the same issue with another manufacturer/windows/mac, etc. but prob. not a bad question to ask to make sure there are no surprises after the purchase.
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Old 01-29-2007, 02:30 PM
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Default Re: Looking for suggestions for a digital camcorder

What is the budget? I would feel lot better about dropping a $279 Mini DV on the deck versus a $900 Hi def cam with a HD.

I would suggest from a practical perspective - get SMALL and simple. You will not shoot if it is a hassle to carry and use. If it fits in a pocket - you will bring it. If if takes a bag...tends to get left in the car. SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT. 90% ends up on the cutting room floor.

You do not need any editing features on the cam. The magic happens desktop. I have a Panasonic and a Sony Mini Dv. I like the Sony a bit better. Both are a few years old.

Get extra batteries. For the water - if you can get a polarizing filter - would be cool.

Roxio Videowave is a decent editor for short $$. Windows movie maker is so so. Works but BASIC.

Get a firewire cable and a LARGE Hard drive. I just got a 300 GB drive and I wish it was bigger.

Finally - 1 GB of RAM on your machine is a good idea. Vid editing uses a lot of processing power. Finally - while we are spending your money - a 22" flat screen monitor would be pretty cool!

Short samples here. DVDs are MUCh sharper. Smaller carappier format for web posting here...



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