Spaminator software suggestions

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Default Spaminator software suggestions

I have tried Norton and McAfee spam software, but I run a business and I can't afford to lose a single "good" email. Norton and McAfee toss too many good emails in with the spam.

Is there a kick-@ss spaminator software that ya'll use successfully?
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Default Re: Spaminator software suggestions

I use the free Thunderbird mailer and it has a learning spam-inator embedded. Don’t think it will meet your needs because I occasionally cruise thru the stuff it pulls out as spam and find a valid email in there. Over time it eventually learns what is and isn’t spam for you but in the meantime you would have to constantly check. It would also mean changing to Thunderbird from whatever mailer you are currently using.

Otherwise, Consumer Reports covered spam-inators in Sept ’06. CR concluded Microsoft’s Outlook with embedded spam-inator was one of the better mailers for catching spam, and add on top of that the FREE Ant-Spam Pilot from Trend Micro. Note: it is the FREE stand alone version of Anti-Spam Pilot, not the embedded version that comes in the Trend Micro Internet Suite that is good, that rated 95 out of 100.

Below that, Allume Systems’ Spam Catcher (rated 85 out of 100), Cloudmark Desktop (rated 81), Trend Micro Anti-Spam (the Suite version) (rated 76).

Bit Defender rated a 56, McAfee Spamkiller rated 51, Norton Anti-Spam (suite) rated 48 out of 100. In the toilet, CA Anti-Spam rated 10/100.
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