A special place in hell

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Default A special place in hell

I can only hope that there is a special, extra hot place in hell for people who would take advantage of children like this. Now that I have a son, things like this just make me wonder what kind of a world it really is.
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Default Re: A special place in hell

Yes it is un-thinkable

I always wondered if that is what happen to Natalee Holloway too
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Default RE: A special place in hell

oh there is
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Default Re: A special place in hell

What an ATROCITY, on far to many levels!!!!!!!!
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Default Re: A special place in hell

I agree, that is a horrible thought and even worse is the men that want to take part in it they need their spots "warmed" as well
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Default Re: A special place in hell

They caught Gary Glitter up to that crap a year or so ago.

From Wikipedia.

In 1999, Glitter was convicted on child pornography charges in the UK, and was afterwards listed as a sex offender[4]. His reputation was greatly tarnished, and though he continued releasing new music, Glitter's popularity declined sharply. He was permanently evicted from Cambodia in 2002 for suspected child sexual offences.[citation needed] He afterwards relocated to Vung Tàu in Vietnam, and in March 2005 applied for permanent resident status.[citation needed] Later that year, he was arrested by Vietnamese authorities while trying to leave the country, and he was tried and convicted of child sexual abuse charges in 2005-06. As of 2007, he is in prison in Vietnam.
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Default Re: A special place in hell

On the other hand, those of us who are trying to adopt and give a child a good home and safe future are put thru hell with all kinds of physical, psychiatric and background checks, meanwhile I have to read stuff like this on daily basis and wonder, if the laws were changed, would that have made a difference in this case or the next one I have to read.

For example, 23 years ago I did 149mph on turnpike, well, today it makes me reckless and questionable person to be a father, also another incedent came up in FBI query, I tried to deposit a fake $20.00 bill about 15 years ago, that is also in my record, it does not mention the amount of deposit wich was several thousands of dollars and I had received all the monies from another local bank. Suspicious????

Point of my rant is, well, I guess there's no point but 1.5 years into the process I'm just getting tired (and older) soon to be too old to adopt by government std's.
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