Knee Issues - Advice?

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I was able to walk on a 3rd degree lateral ankle sprain (where you tear everything) within an hour. Doctor couldn't believe I walked in with no limp. He had me lift my leg and he took my foot in his hand and moved it wherever he wanted. He said "See that? Yeah, it's not supposed to do that." If you tore a ligament you could have no pain but still have a lack of stability. I would go to the doctor and see what they find.
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Originally Posted by 54bullwinkle View Post
Hey OP, aren't you glad you posted?
Healthy guy, falls and has knee pain which is gone in two days
Not getting it checked out can be a leading cause of death..............
Haha, it did escalate a bit there but everybody had good intentions with their suggestions and I appreciate that! 👍
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Originally Posted by flcatcher1 View Post
You might try to "ride it out" and see if things get better. But there really is no downside to having a qualified practitioner take a careful history - which would include questioning you about exactly how the fall happened and what went where if you can recall those details. That should be followed by a careful examination of the knee. There are specific maneuvers that can isolate a ligament or meniscus. X-rays seldom provide significant information; MRIs can actually "see" tendons and ligaments. But imaging studies should be considered only after doing an exam. That being said, the doc may order an MRI before seeing you so that a diagnosis can be made at the first visit, rather than requiring a second visit after imaging studies. The main point is that the history and exam should be the primary factors in determining the best course of action.
Some orthopods tend to focus more on conditions which they can fix surgically. Others have amore balanced approach, and find conditions which can be treated conservatively (i.e. non-surgically) just as challenging as those which require surgery. I'd recommend seeing a board certified internist or family physician with a certificate of added competency in sports medicine first. In plain English that's the best way to assure you don't wind up in the office of a knife happy orthopod. Knee surgery can accomplish small miracles (which hopefully you do not need), but there are many folks out there who have had multiple knee surgeries and still have significant pain and/or disability. A sports medicine evaluation can help delineate the best course of action to recover quickly and safely.
The only downside is that MRIs can cost a lot!
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I have a history of knee issues. Both from sports and being clumsy. Give it some time and see how it goes. Rest Ice Compression Elevation has been suggestted and is good advice. Maybe a couple of advil in the morning. After a couple of weeks see how it's doing. Could be a torn meniscus but unless it is really hindering you, give it some time.
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Originally Posted by 54bullwinkle View Post
Not getting it checked out can be a leading cause of death..............
My comment was a generalization, not directly related to the OP's inquiry, FWIW.
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Originally Posted by Texasbill View Post
The only downside is that MRIs can cost a lot!
True dat! BUT doing tests that add nothing to the management of a problem is the most wasteful way to go. And MRIs are always cheaper than surgery and are often the single best diagnostic test to determine if surgery is necessary. Insurance should cover an MRI if the imaging is medically indicated. No insurance??? Talk to the radiologists and negotiate a fee including the imaging and radiologist's interpretation before hand. I recently had MRI studies done of my thoracic and lumbar spine, They were considered two separate studies, the latter with a contrast agent. Radiologist billed Medicare $1125 and $1619 respectively for these studies. Medicare allowed $155.37 and $403.50 for these studies. It's a pretty good bet that treating doc will want an MRI for the knee injury described by OP unless symptoms and exam when he seen indicate that was a simple sprain.
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You should start at your family physician. Ask that he refer you to the best knee orthopedist in your area. The best cost the same as the worst with insurance.

We've gone through many years of knee problems with my wife before she got a knee replacement. Her knee's now great.

Just be glad you don't have foot problems as foot orthopedists are relatively rare. My wife has knots popping up all over her feet and is in terrible pain. She's having mid foot fusions 12/31, and will be in the hospital 3 days before going to rehab for 20 days. No weight on the foot for 2 mos.+.
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Originally Posted by Commocean View Post
My comment was a generalization, not directly related to the OP's inquiry, FWIW.
Yeah. I know just joking

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