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Have you ever seen a Great White Shark while boating?


Have you ever seen a Great White Shark while boating?

Old 12-10-2020, 03:48 PM
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Default Have you ever seen a Great White Shark while boating?

I have never personally seen a Great White Shark in my 35 years on the North Carolina waters. But they are out there, and even in North Carolina. And I was even near to one, although I didn't know it at the time.
While I was fishing off of Hatteras recently, we heard VHF from a dive boat near us which encountered a Great White Shark AND over ONE HUNDRED Sand Tiger Sharks on a nearby wreck.

The VIDEO of the Great White Shark and the really cool VIDEO of One Hundred Sand Tiger Sharks are embedded on the second and third Posts from the top on PAGE 3 of my thread
FREEMAN 42LR makes epic fishing adventure to HATTERAS

Maybe they have always been out there in low but steady numbers and we just did not know they were there. I cannot recall any Great White Shark attacks on humans in North Carolina waters but, North Carolina gets its fair share of Shark Attacks from other species.

Sand Tiger Sharks, unlike their cousins, the Tiger Shark, are not known as Man-eaters even though they look pretty threatening including in the cool video I posted.

Now, I have seen Tiger Sharks on several occasions in my boat in southern North Carolina waters. There was a big Tiger Shark which used to hang out at the 90 90s off Ocean Isle Beach. And the world record Tiger Shark was caught near there off the Cherry Grove Pier in June of 1964 and weighed 1,780 pounds!! Kind of scary to think of a man-eating shark, of a species maybe more dangerous than the Great White Shark, caught at the end of the pier at a crowded beach where thousands of people swim every day in the summer.
Old 12-10-2020, 03:53 PM
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Google shark tracker - I can't post URL's yet. the ocearch website.

Old 12-10-2020, 03:59 PM
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They have found them off the Gulf Coast. Only sharks I have seen that I could identify are black tip and Bull sharks. Seen some big shadows moving though, could have been bonnethead, tiger, Mako, almost anything
Old 12-10-2020, 03:59 PM
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This past September near No Mans Island right off Martha's Vineyard, I was fishing live scup for stripers in 30' of water,

he/she lazily swam 10' off my stern, hung around for about 10 minutes unfazed. We estimated it at 10' or so. Not huge in Great white standards, but big enough when you see them live.
I know they are very Common off of Chatham ,Monomoy all of outer cape area.
No more spearfishing for me. Nope.
Old 12-10-2020, 04:02 PM
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Yes but I’m on the west coast. I was jet ski fishing in the surf and one swam right under me. It was 8-10 ft long. There were a few guys jet ski surfing nearby and I warned them and they said ehhh it’s the pacific they are out there. I ran into them 30 minuets later and the shark had come up to them. Their attitudes changed pretty quickly and they got out of the area.
Old 12-10-2020, 04:04 PM
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Yes, out on my buddys 30' Grady, she was about 16' long and much fatter than a 55 gallon drum, even though its a fish, there was a sense of confidence from it while it circled the boat checking us out, very humbling experience
Old 12-10-2020, 04:04 PM
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Yes. Off Half Moon Bay, California. 16 footer. Saw another while salmon fishing - maybe 8 feet long. Their #'s are increasing for sure.
Old 12-10-2020, 04:14 PM
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Saw one mid 90s off Cape May at the 19f lump.
Old 12-10-2020, 04:18 PM
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I don’t know what kind of shark it was.....but......we were slow trolling live bait (bunker) for kingfish over the Zane Grey wreck in mid-July in the late 80’s. Blue fish were short striking the baits so I thought I would add weight to the line and drop it down to the wreck. When I did I became hung up for a second and decided I didn’t want to deal with losing a rig. So I started burning that bait back to the top.

Water clarity was really good that day and as that bait was coming up it was whipping back and forth with about a 3 foot swing. When it was about 8 feet from the boat I saw a huge shark moving so fast towards the bait that I dropped to my knees to the side of it’s trajectory and braced against the gunnel as I thought it was coming in the boat (20’ Proline). That shark snatched the bait and made a 180 turn. It looked to be 12’ or so. As it peeled drag I did a double set on the hook and when it felt the hook it smoked the drag. I made the mistake of tightening the drag a hair and against the pressure it made an even bigger run and broke the rod. Before it spooled the reel the wire was cut.

Old 12-10-2020, 04:24 PM
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Old 12-10-2020, 04:28 PM
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Saw a massive one couple years ago in the Dump south of Martha’s Vineyard when we were tuna fishing.
Old 12-10-2020, 04:37 PM
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Not yet, but its going to happen. Ocearch just posted Edithe swimming around my fishing grounds. My wife will no longer jump in the water because its infested with bull, hammerhead, and tiger sharks.
Old 12-10-2020, 04:40 PM
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I’ve seen a couple, all East and north of Cape Lookout. The last one i saw was a few November’s ago about 3 miles off of North Core Banks. Was king fishing by myself and the prop wash bait started going crazy. I looked and saw a big round dark spot that I first thought was a sunfish. It came right up under the propwash bait until it was probably less than 10’ from the boat, then she turned broadside and I could see it was a huge white shark. I was in a small skiff, so to be literally on the water with an easy 14’ great white less than 10’ away was quite unnerving. She never even looked at my baits and eventually faded back. About 10 minutes later I saw a huge pod of dolphin(mammal) raising hell and jumping in unison probably 200 yards away. There were about 30 dolphin packed tightly together jumping like ive never seen before. She was obviously on the hunt
Old 12-10-2020, 04:42 PM
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seen a few off Cape Cod and one off Key West, the big ones are a sight to see

here is a video I took of one with a drone off P-town last year:

Old 12-10-2020, 04:44 PM
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Saw another 20 yrs ago in December out by Knuckle Buoy feeding on the guts of bluefin.
Old 12-10-2020, 04:46 PM
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Yes, plenty of times, I have seen 2 while diving, they just swam by, doing whatever they were doing before I saw them, people get this notion that the second a Shark is around, it's going to rip you to bits, can't be further from the truth, I have only ever seen one Shark act "aggressive" while diving, plenty have had a chew on my outboard though.

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Old 12-10-2020, 04:49 PM
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Not from the boat but encountered two while diving. Once off Virginia diving the gulf hustler around 2004. She was a juvenile at around 10 ft but still impressive. Once off Morehead City about 5 years ago a bit bigger this time. She actually hung around the wreck for 10 or 15 minutes checking me out while I checked her out. Was only diver in water so I think that is why she hung around so long. This one was bigger likely 12 ft or so.

Beautiful fish and not once did I ever feel threatened. Their world and I was just a visitor but I think they are curious about what was in their water.

Old 12-10-2020, 05:04 PM
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I’ve seen 2 in the gulf while spearfishing before I started wearing gopros. Neither time did they hang around. Tigers on the other hand are very persistent and require a poke or two to keep them off you. This one was very persistent but after a few bumps on the nose he gave up and swam off.
Old 12-10-2020, 05:05 PM
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Never seen one in FL or Bahamas, but with the advent of camera phones and GoPros, there are definitely a lot more confirmed sightings in general....15 years ago dudes would call BS if you claimed a Great White siting off Jupiter. Now there are verified surprisingly commonly
Old 12-10-2020, 06:03 PM
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Yes... 45 miles off the Charleston coast two years ago while headed to Mahi troll... stopped to bottom fish when wind kicked up. We were in a 2017 Tidewater... rolled past the port side while lines were in jigging... then disappeared. We got a clear look at it... no doubt.

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