Golden doodles?

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Default Golden doodles?

My wife has become obsessed with getting a new family dog. We haven't owned a dog since our golden retriever passed away 10 years ago. (She was the greatest dog ever, by the way).

This time, we're thinking a medium golden doodle because they have the temperament of a golden retriever, but they're smaller (max 50 lbs) and don't shed like a golden.

I'm hoping someone here has real world experience with golden doodles or can suggest an alternative like the labradoodles.
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We have a 3rd generation labradoodle who just turned 3. He's extremely smart and very loving. He does bark quite a bit and is very excitable when we arrive home or someone else comes in. We have not been able to break him from jumping up on people or barking. He weighs just over 30lbs and does not shed at all. He's never chewed or damaged anything and is an awesome dog. However, he is very dependent and needy. Also, doodles require quite a bit of maintenance. Regular brushing and regular trips to the groomer especially if they're in the water at all. Their hair mats very easily and the only solution is shaving them. We've had to shave ours 3 times and are working on getting a better grooming schedule.
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Got a mini (25lbs) Double Doodle - Golden Doodle / Labradoodle mix. Fantastic dog. No shedding / hypoallergy. Very similar to my previous Labrador Retriever.... except less energy / needy. Loves the outdoors and kids can walk her easily.
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Following this discussion and looking forward to input from owners. Not to hijack but we are also debating between a straight golden and golden doodle. I've never owned a golden but have always wanted one but keep ending up with someone else's choice (ex-GF, ex-wife) and now want to be a bit selfish.
Curious to see the pro/con of shedding vs need to groom due to matting from someone who has owned both breeds.
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We own a F1 Golden - By far the most gentle and loving Dog we have every owned
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We have a cockapoo for overv4 years. 30 pounds, no shedding but yeah havevto groom them often, which is like 100 bucks. She is extremely loving , cute and affectionate but not the smartest dog. Must have got the cocker brain. Took her about 3 years to figure out squirrels dissapeared....up the tree. Great dog though. We love ours, and if u have allergies, u gotta go hypoallergenic.
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Had 2 F1Bs, best dogs ever
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They're typically quite high energy (moreso than goldens, but not quite as crazy as pure Poodles). I've fostered a few for anywhere from 5 days to ~30 (one had a bad mouthing issue, and took a while to correct before adopting). They're smart dogs. They still shed, and not much less than goldens, but the shed fur is much less noticeable than the longer hair of the golden (you don't get those dust bunny piles in the corners of your hardwood floors.

I'm not a good person to recommend breeds honestly. I'm a mutt guy. We've had ~80 dogs in the past 7 years (2 of our own, ~80 fosters). The best dogs have been mutts, between heath, and temperament, and trainability. GSD's are a close second to me, but talk about shedding...

If you do end up going the breeder route, make absolutely sure you ask for vet references for the breeder, and if they've had previous litters, ask for references from those litters. Too often, people just see the cute little puppy, pay absurd amounts of money for them, and then a few years down the road, signs of poor breeding show up, by which point they're already attached to the dog and can't do much about it. I'm talking things like hip dysplasia, respiratory issues, GI, eye, teeth, skin issues, etc. All are signs the bloodlines either aren't well separated (inbreeding), or weren't vetted well before breeding (good breeders will not breed bloodlines with health issues like these unless they're just in it for the money).

Of course, I would suggest talking to your local rescues. They do get puppies (very frequently in most places), and they do get pure/designer breeds (though less frequently). Saves you a bunch of cash, and helps an animal in need.

Good luck on your search!
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We have one. Ive had dogs all my life and hes the only one Ive ever not liked. Wife and I fight about it all the time, I would love to get rid of him.
-yep they shed and you have to stay on top of the grooming.
-yep hes very smart
-hes 4 and needs 2 walks a day, super hyper. I have a massive yard he will go run for 20-30 mins no stops.
- hes from a Breeder, one of his cousins won some award, wifey paid 2k (before she met me) He was only going to be around 50 lbs but hes hovers around 80lbs (hes lean).
- Im public people love him and ask a million questions, I always tell them to look at other breeds.
- they do bite, ours doesnt but if he did he would be gone in a heartbeat, watch your kids

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A good alternative is to go to your local SPCA and adopt adopt instead of supporting puppy mills.
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My neighbor just spent a fortune on a "Miniature" Golden Doodle.. 10 weeks later and the dog weighs over 30 lbs and still growing..
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We have an F1 sheepadoodle (sheepdog and poodle) great dog, very even temperament, and smart. But the grooming.... costs more than the wife's hair does and he needs grooming every 6 weeks, every 3-4 weeks in summer.
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We have a goldendoodle, the one that was genetically bred that doesn't shed at all, not one hair. Like all dogs they need to be trained, but yeah, they are super chill, temperment of a golden. Have to groom often, else it gets matted and you have to shave them. The dood has his own dog station in the garage.

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We had PudelPointers for 20 years, lost Ellie about three years ago. Jumped on the Labradoodle band wagon. My wife got our first, No clue what the letter designation, but bred pretty intentionally for a puffy coat, no shed. Good dog, very mellow and obedient. Loves to curl up anywhere there is a human. A little snarky with other dogs, but more annoying then anything. About 40 lbs. Would rather not say what she paid for him, but if I find myself dwelling on the number, I go look at some fishing rods and surfboards in the garage. It tends to level me right out,

Willie is a different story. F1 -bred from the biggest poodle I have ever seen and a good size lab. About 80 lbs, rail thin, and full of energy. Smart, but head strong. Awesome dog, everybody's favorite, but 100% the class clown. Got him form a farm in WV. He literally lived in a compound with dogs and pigs. (The ostrich would have killed all the dogs apparently). Bargain basement price on this guy -plus I got a list of vaccines to order form tractor supply and some hypodermics. I learned to give hi shots, We call him our DIY dog.

Honestly, Willie is is almost identical to my first pudelpointer from 20 years ago, but with less prey drive (which = less destructive in our suburban world). Willie loves the river, and never misses a chance to prove it. Finn, not so much. Willie sheds enough that I am buying stock in Dyson. Finn, never a hair. Almost freaky.

We know a couple golden doodles. They seem a lot mellower then our guys, less play full. I have no idea if you can attribute that the lab vs golden. We went lab, as I like labs better. You like goldens. Seems like a no brainer. I don't think you can go wrong -Just be sure the breeder is good.

Side note, we have never had more then one dog till this go around. I would never want to go back to a single dog again. They simply take care of each other.

Good luck.

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A good friend is a breeder. Having been around her pups, One thing I can say about doodles is they are enjoyable dogs, but they lack the confidence of a true Golden. They take a fair amount of work to get them comfortable in outside situations.

Hers are both therapy certified - which is much easier with a doodle than a golden.

Nice dogs, but I'll stick with my labs - shedding and all
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I agree with WPBTH... though, ALL dogs will bite... some are more likely too, but it's usually context driven, or poor/improper/poor intention training. Kids get bit because they do stupid things, pulling tails, ears, fur, laying on them, getting in their face, etc... the dog snaps as a natural reaction, and then they get blamed for being violent. I've seen it way too many times with adopters... If the dog was violent, the kid would be dead.

You really need to match the breed(s) to the energy level in your home. If you or the wife run, it could be a good breed for you (not every dog fits its breeds traits though). High energy dogs that are not exercised are almost always destructive, and then they wind up in a shelter or worse, because the owner mishandled/miss-homed the dog.

If you aren't high energy, you might want to find a different breed (walks aren't going to expend enough energy for a lot of golden doodles, some will be fine, others won't without runs, or a lot of fetch).

Pure breeds are bred to do a specific job, and when they aren't doing that job/filling that role, it's like using a hammer to drive a screw, sure it might work, but it'll cause other issues and you might not be happy with the results. Mutts are like multi-tools, they can do a few things really well, a lot of things well enough to get the job done, and a few things really poorly.
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We have two Golden Retrievers now, these would be our 5 & 6th Goldens we've had. Wouldn't have it any other way. I would not pay pure bred prices for a mut, that's insane, but to each there own. If worried about the shedding, doodles shed also. The girls are great, they shed, but we have hard wood floors, so we vacuum, it takes 5-10 minutes every other day. We also keep them groomed and brush them often, helps a ton. No big deal.
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We have two Goldendoodles. One is 2 yrs old, and the other is six months. I have had golden retrievers, labs. cocker and springer spaniels, and a few others over the years. Our first doodle is the most loving dog we have ever had. Not crazy or hyper. She is about 45 lbs. We have two other little (Morky and a Maltese) dogs that are 10 yrs old, so they didn't really want to play with the doodle. Solution? get another Doodle! We got another female back in April. She is about 25 lbs now, and I don't think she will get much bigger. The two play together ALL THE TIME!!!! And when they are not playing, they are sleeping at my feet or by my side. Easy to train, very loving (love to give hugs) and about the best dogs I have ever owned. I will say this. The 2nd female was a bit of a handful as a puppy. We were a little concerned about her, because she just seemed to have a rebellious spirit about her. She did calm down after a few months, and settled right in. We have chatted with a few new owners who are experiencing the same thing right now, and assuring them that it will be fine!

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My wife has pet allergies but loves animals. We paid dearly for a bordoodle (border collie/poodle) from an Oregon breeder and couldn't be happier.

Now a year old, never chewed on anything but her toys and sheds much less than my wife. Our girl is probably less affectionate than a goldendoodle and has a high energy level.

If you deal only with a doodle specialty breeder that has great reviews over a period of years and have patience, you will likely get a puppy with the traits that are most important to you.

Discussing with the breeder your likes and expectations will go a long ways to insuring your new family member is a great fit.
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Originally Posted by Stix1 View Post
We own a F1 Golden - By far the most gentle and loving Dog we have every owned
Same for our F1 lab.

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