Robot vacuum advice

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Default Robot vacuum advice

I'm planning to get a robot vacuum soon. I borrowed my parent's Roomba 880 and used it for about a week and it did a great job cleaning the cat hair (3 cats) on the dark hardwood floors, tile, and area rugs. It actually cleaned the dining room/foyer/sitting room (hardwood) as well as the hallway/kitchen/breakfast nook (tile) and family room (hardwood). The only things that I thought could be improved were to totally random nature of the cleaning pattern, the need to empty the dirt/hair bin every time, and the noise level. As a bonus the cats did not get freaked out either.

My initial research is pointing me towards the Roomba i3+ (with dirt disposal station). It seems like a reasonable option for $399. I figure that's less than 5 visits by the 'cleaning lady'.

Any suggestions for better options in this ($400) price range?


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Three months in to the COVID lockdown, no weekly cleaning lady, both still working and two young kids at home 24/7 with a nanny our kitchen and downstairs was pretty trashed. My wife bought the I7 Roomba mainly for the kitchen. Works great, a week later she bought the Braava?? Wet mop one to follow as cleanup which also works great.

The house has a few different levels and they live in the kitchen. Every few weeks she runs them on the 2nd and 3rd floors. No shoes in our house so that helps greatly to reduce dirt tracked throughout home.

The Roomba has a side spinning brush to kick dirt out of the corners.
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We have all Hardwood on the first floor and have the Roomba 960 ( no disposable station), amazing how much it picks up.
Wife loves it, so there you go!
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Don’t get one if you have a large puppy!
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I have the Roborok S5 Max. I was skeptical on the robot vacuums and finally broke down and bought one. I have 2 large labs that shed like crazy and the vacuum can keep up about 80%. Obviously you'll still need to vacuum but this is the best purchase I've made in a very long time. I run it every day and the hair is so much more manageable now. My house is both tile and carpet.
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We have the Shark IQ with the auto dump station. It's been flawless over the last year. Amazes me how much it picks up on a 2 day a week schedule. We have porcelain plank floors with area rugs and a cowhide. Jumps up on the rugs with ease.
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Wife bought one to vacumn under beds works great, cleans the entire bed room. I did see one that has a grid pattern can't remember which one.
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I have this’s amazing runs about 2 hours on hardwoods, we put all our chairs up like at a bar, life changing! Amazon $199

Ecovacs DEEBOT N79S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Max Power Suction, Upto 110 Min Runtime, Hard Floors and Carpets, Works with Alexa, App Controls, Self-Charging, Quiet

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This is a great machine. One of the best on the market. Very happy.
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Just bought a Roomba i4 at Costco today on sale for 269.99. I think it is basically the same as an i3?

Kind of an impulse purchase, the ones with the disposal station and grid mapping and all that are cool but just couldn’t see spending that kind of money.

We have hardwoods and area rugs along with a lab that lives inside. Don’t expect it to be 10-4 good as the cleaning ladies but hopefully between it and quick cleans with a dyson cordless it will keep the hair under control.
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Not sure if the promocode still works but I got this badboy for upstairs for $117 to my door, while the roomba does work downstairs...

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Its been great & no complaints for $117, just as good as the roomba.
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We bought the Eufy 11S based mostly off of Consumer Reports advice. It is OK.
Inexpensive. We got it on deal for ~$100
Relatively quiet. Long runtime. Good suction.
No Mapping Technology
Gets stuck on a rug we have with a black boarder. Thinks it is stairs, and won't go past it.
Sometimes will run out of power before it finds its station when done cleaning.

If we had to do it over again I would get one with smart mapping. It still beats going through the house with a vacuum cleaner.
Now we have a whole house vacuum, & cannister vacuum that we never use. We barely use the stick vacuum anymore either.
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Just bought a roomba 675 and I wish I’d got one years ago. Works badass. Dog didn’t like it at first but got used to it within a week. Only small issue is getting high centered on a kid’s toy or something occasionally but that’s easily manageable. I run our three times a week in the high traffic common areas and once a week in bedrooms which require it hitching a ride over a raised foyer. Again, manageable for set it and forget it convenience.
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Neato makes the best robots for the money IMO. Roombas are nice, but usually you can get the same or better performance for half to cost in a Neato. Lots of support out there for Neato and at least my model was user upgradeable to a higher end model with factory and aftermarket parts.

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Roomba is the best marketed but worste one. Thinkg is junk.

Check out Neato.
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Originally Posted by kcinnick2 View Post
Neato makes the best robots for the money IMO..
Yep. Neato is amazing. Its rare things impress me but it sure does. I have a 3 story house and 1 on each floor.
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I don't need a robot vacuum, I need a robot picker upper. Something like the ones in the amazon warehouse that goes around and puts everything back in it's proper place.
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I have a Roomba at our condo and an iLife Beetle at our primary home. Neither one can vacuum the whole house on a single charge, 2800 and 2650 sq. ft. respectively. Both are two-three years old and am reasonably happy with each. The iLife is slightly smaller and not quite as noisy at the Roomba. The Roomba has a pretty neat smart phone interface while the iLife has a remote. I rarely use either and just start them by pushing the button on top. Not ready to trust one when I am not at home. The wife still gets the big vacuum out, but only about once every month or two. I ran the Roomba last week and it ran out of power after 1 hour and fifty-two minutes and couldn't find it's way back to the docking station. I ran the iLife this morning, and after a little over two hours, it limped back to the charging station. No kids and no pets, so toys and pet hair are not an issue.
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We have an iLife one. Works well for picking up cat and dog hair on the hardwood.

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