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Default Highlander/Pilot

Highlander orPilot? Any thoughts from your experiences? For a new mother carting child around town and on frequent 900mi. trilpsto visit gramps. Honda looked real roomy and rode like a bigger car. Toyota looks more SUVish and less vanish. Both have great reviews. Testing that tomorrow. .
Anyone have either of these or have any thoughts ?
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Sienna will be more versatile.
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Owned a pilot for a year, loved the car. Plenty of room without feeling like a truck. Highly recommend.
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We replaced our 2010 Highlander two years ago and went with the Volkswagen Atlas. It’s got a really slick set-up that allows you to leave a forward facing car seat tethered to the latch system (once you get to that phase) if you ever need to use/access the third row or trunk area from the rear doors.

We test drove the Atlas, Explorer, Highlander, Pilot, Acadia and Q7 within a day.

The space can’t be beat and the fit and finish is great. The Pilot had the Highlander on space but we thought it had a chintzy and clunky interior. The Highlander was cleaner but felt smaller than our old Highlander, while the Atlas was a good combo of both and competitively priced.
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Wife has a pilot, blew the engine up at 65 K, so I am not a fan. This may be just my bad luck, but it happened. So I vote Toyota.
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Wife has a 2015 Highlander, now has approx 150k miles on it. Other than routine maintenance and consumables, we have put no money into it. Most of her miles are highway, but we were able to get almost 95k on the first set of tires, and 130k on the first set of brakes. Would strongly consider another when it comes time.
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Consider the Subaru Ascent also.
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Both are good vehicles. Ive got the Pilot,wife has an Odyssey.
As said, alot of the mid size suvs are worth a look, maybe check out a van too.Thats what we did. Settled on Honda .

I use the Pilot to pull a 22 ft bay boat.
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The top rated vehicles in that class are the KIA Telluride and Hyundai Palisade. I own the Hyundai and couldn't be happier.
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I am a Highlander fan. However I agree with the above post about the Telluride. I drove one last week but there are no deals to be had. Dealers are adding 4-6k to the msrp and most are pre sold as they get them. Best deal I could get was msrp +taxes and fees. Ended up with a 4-year-old Lexus GX 460 for $13,000 less than the Telluride
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Honda transmission problems......rare but I've seen it.

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Wife had a 2007 Pilot. No issues in 210K miles. We gave it to my sister and it now has 310K miles. She was going to get another one in 2016, but prices for model she wanted were mid 50's. Ended up getting a 14' highlander with 20K on it. Has 130K on it now and no issues. Both great cars. I think in a couple more years she is eyeing the new Bronco. (I may have pushed her in that direction so I get a new toy as well.)
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Toyota all the way. Nothing holds value better. Family member had a Honda Pilot and has had some engine and trans issues as well as a complete repaint but it was covered by a recall.
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I have a 2017 Ridgeline. Basically the same as the Pilot, except I have a bed instead of a 3rd row of seats.

I like it. It rides really nice, handles well, and plenty of power.
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Wife chose a Pilot. She chose wrong, go with the Toyota.
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My Siena mini-van this summer...... now if I can just get the tuna blood smell out (I mostly did hahahaha)

But I am not sure I can justify the premium that Toyota commands now a days. BTW before we started buying Toyota's I drove Hondas for years.... I used to feel that Toyota's were 20% more expensive than Honda but you got 20% more miles out of them. So no bad choices here.

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We test drove a new Highlander Limited and ended buying a 2018 Acura MDX and we absolutely love it. The Highlander felt cheaply made (Im a big Toyota fan) but this one didn't ride anything like the MDX. Not sure but are the pilot and mdx the same chassis?
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I'll second the Hyundai/Kia entries. They are every bit as good, if not better than Honda and Toyota (I currently own a Tacoma). I owned Honda everything for 25 years, until the regional manager pissed me off when dealing with an issue with our Pilot. Bought a Hyundai out of spite, and it was the best car we've ever owned. It took getting totaled in an accident to get if off the road. 11 years old and well over 100K miles without a single issue.
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My wife had her heart set on a Highlander but on a whim we stopped and took a Subaru Ascent out for an hour. Then we went and spent time in a Highlander. We chose the Subaru. We’ve had many Toyota’s but felt the Ascent was superior. Time will tell if we were right.
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I like both Toyota and Honda and have put a ton of miles on both brands with very few issues. We now have a Lexus gx 460. A little bigger than a highlander. Toyota reliability with Lexus bells and whistles. The premium on Lexus over Toyota is not that much once it’s a couple of years old.

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