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Default WeatherTech

Gotta say. One of the best buys out there. Get what you pay for. I’m on my third set on 3 vehicles and it’s boom. Always fit. Just did the 21 Ram in front and back and so damn impressed. For under $250 bucks.
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They're nice. Room for improvement, but nice
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I prefer husky liners. softer rubber, better fit, and cheaper.
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Had two sets. They were crap. Didn’t fit at all took em back new set never fit very good. No thanks not for me.
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I ordered them for the third row and cargo area for my 2020 Expedition as the Dealer included only the front and second row weather mats. I do not think they were as good as advertised nor as good as the dealer ones. Would look elsewhere for future replacements.
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100% American company. Gets my business every time over similar products.
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I use their cargo liner in the back of a big suv and they lose their shape over time.

Plus $150 and 20 for shipping is expensive for moulded whatever it's made of.
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They have a carpet version that I really like. Looks more refined but cleans up just as easy. Dirt gets trapped in the carpet until you wash them with a hose rather than turning to dust.
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Originally Posted by ncmallard78 View Post
I prefer husky liners. softer rubber, better fit, and cheaper.
And HuskyLiners are also designed and made right in the USA...Kansas.

Weathertech only excels in marketing.
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Not all of their products are made in the U.S.; the window deflectors are designed and made in Germany.
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I put some in my 2020 ram. I would say they are good but not great. They fit well, but there is one spot where it extends a little too far over the door trim so the door hits and folds it back. They are also fairly uncomfortable over a long drive.
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4 week lead time when I tried to order second set in September. Went with Toyota ones instead.
First set I got did fit well...did clean easy....did keep dirt and spills off the carpet. The edges warp inwards over time...kind aggravating.
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They have a lifetime warranty. Just got a set replaced for the deformation everyone is talking about.

as far as pricing. Everyone is always saying “buy american” stop buying stuff made in China.... well here’s a great example of how much it costs to get relatively simple things made in the USA.
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I have Husky liners in my Ridgeline. Very happy with them. I like the high sides, so even if I get in with snow covered boots it won't let the water out into rest of the vehicle.
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Bought them for my wife’s Tahoe. Not happy with them at all. Don’t fit good and seem to have warped.
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I’ve put them in 5 different vehicles and have them in my F150 and my wife’s Q7. I’d say they are mandatory if you have little kids.

They are spendy.
I’ve sold them off of craigslist after I sell the cars for around $100 per set. They hold up so well that a good scrub makes them look new again.
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I bought Weathertech's front/rear and cargo liner for my 2019 Expedition. On previous Expeditions, I used the heavy rubber ribbed front sets that Sam's sold. They were inexpensive but performed well. The Weathertechs fit great, but are somewhat hard and slick. They do a better job of keeping water off the carpet, but I honestly think the cheaper option was better.

The Weathertech cargo mat has been disappointing - particularly for the cost. It slides VERY easily on the carpeted floor behind the second row seat. It slides so much with any weight in back that it would slide down 8" after just a few miles. I would have to go into the back seat and pull the cargo liner back into position. I bought a couple of cargo mat securing systems from Amazon but they lasted only a few weeks. I finally put screws through fender washers through the Weathertech liner to secure it. I'm not impressed for the $$$ involved.
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They feel more plasticy now, less rubbery. I'll buy something else next time.
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Husky Liners. Better price and fit. Made in USA. No annoying ads on TV and nearly every magazine.
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Husky X-Act liners have been in my last 2 trucks, nothing but good things to say about them.

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