Marine Bulkhead

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Default Marine Bulkhead

Thinking about a new marine bulkhead?

Check out these photos (bottom of page)

I just had my yard done with the new vinyl sheets. Did not realize how big ( and messy) a project it was going to be. Had to remove, pool, deck and shed. They had to did 20' into the yard to the anchors that hold up the new wall. Anyway, it came out great. Now I just have to put the yard back together.
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Default Re: Marine Bulkhead

As you said it was big and I imagine expensive!! What happens if your neighbor does not install a bulk head?
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Default RE: Marine Bulkhead

Within the next 3 - 5 years, I'll have to deal with removing my current seawall and doing something else - probably riprap.
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Default Re: Marine Bulkhead

I hope they are off on their lifespan estimates or I'm in for a big bill soon. After about 20 years though, mine looks fine, I was, and still am, hoping for another 20. A big storm in the NE did in the last one back in the 80s.
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Default Re: Marine Bulkhead

Yeah the plastic is the way to go now. I'm a traditionalist and prefer the wood, but the plastic is better. I think I have about 10 more years on mine, I hope I'm wrong and make it 20 so maybe I'll be too old to give a damn any more. It is definately one of those large expenses that you get very little 'pleasure' out of.
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