I'm going to jail today

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Default I'm going to jail today

When the stimulus checks were received a friend of mine decided to use his money to cook and box up a one time meal for first responders and medical personal. The first meal consisted of about 200 boxed meals delivered to the people. Obviously a large kitchen is needed so several organizations were contacted and response was yes anything they have is available for the meal use. All this was done with very few people knowing the story of who prepared or paid for the meals.

Word got out and what followed is nothing short of amazing. People were asking about where to send in a donation and it was explained this was a one time event and donations were not being accepted. Eventually my friend agreed to accept a few donations and cook another meal. There was enough money to prepare 300 meals this time for those who work a little further out.

Fast forward to today, the meal count has grown to 350 and there are enough donations to prepare one, sometimes two meals a month. About 12 volunteers are needed for each meal. There is a pool of 20 people people who help two of which are my wife and I..

This morning were are meeting a the local jail to use their enormous kitchen to prepare the 350 meals, so today I'm going to jail.
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Sweet. any inmates involved? Sounds like a good opportunity for them to see the greater good and opportunities for once they get outside the walls.
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dont drop the soap would be my advice!
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Good work. Thanks.
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Very kind of you to donate your time and efforts.
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Excellent gesture!
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No inmates are involved, everything is being done by the 12 volunteer and paid for by donations.
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Watch out for #47 and #3, they may be doing the Jailhouse Rock
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That is fantastic. The media is so caught up with only showing the bad, so I love to hear about the good.

Local deli by me has had a steady stream of "donations" of people buying lunch spreads for the local hospital, police station, fire departments, EMTs, etc. He's certainly not making a ton of money on it (his choice, basically covering his expenses), but he says the gratitude from the recipients is outstanding.
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I hope you are blessed 100 fold for being a Good Samaritan. We need more people like you in this world.
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Great selfless act
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I feel a little guilty I used mine on hookers and blow 🤫🤫😂😂
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nice job! Good Karma back at ya!
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I bought a cell phone with the first and expect a great deal on a gm product after receiving my second check.
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OP......1st off, Thank you for being part of the solution.

2nd.... There are many very generous folks here willing to give there time to help. If you post your location, you might just get more people to help out.

Just a suggestion!

Again.....Nice job!
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When I worked for a communications company, we regularly did radio service work in the local jail.
One time the owner and another guy were in the intake area where they brought in a bunch of women returning from the courthouse back to jail. The worker was out in the sally port while the owner was inside. It was lunch time so the jailers went to lunch leaving the women chained to the intake bench. They started having some fun with the owner who was terribly embarrassed and stuck in the intake area. The worker was out in the Sally port laughing knowing the suggestive abuse that the owner was taking. After lunch was over the worker showed the owner where the button was to unlock the door to the sally port.
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Well done!
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A 90 gal. pot. 40 lbs of noodles, 120 lbs of ground meat, and 6 gallons of sauce. Served 315 spaghetti meals

Located in South Louisiana

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