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Motion 09-28-2020 07:55 PM

Pursuit Boat Lift?
Good Evening, does anyone know if there are any special instructions for placing a Pursuit DC 265 on a boat lift? Thank you.

Flot 09-28-2020 08:10 PM

I don’t know anything about that boat specifically - but lifts are not rocket science. V-shape side goes down. Ideally pursuit may supply diagrams of the stringer layout or spots to avoid (like the spacing which might cause a thru hull to sit on a bunk) but plenty of people pull their boat onto a lift, rack, or trailer that has only had the most cursory setup without issue.

The most important thing you need to do is make sure it is properly positioned forward-aft so that equal weight is on both cables. Otherwise, you could end up with 6000 lbs of weight on one cable, and 3000 lbs of weight on the other. On most boats that means letting the bow stick off the end further than the transom, in fact on many center consoles, the back half of the boat will be on the lift and the front half will be sticking out in the air.

You can ballpark it and then lift the boat and “ring” the cables with a crescent wrench. Just give them a good whack. Like a guitar string, the cable will make a sound. Higher pitched = more weight on that cable. Lower the boat and recenter and try again until the Front and back cables sound more or less the same.

Once you find that spot, mark it on the boat so you can get it again. (And remember that if you’re full/empty on fuel it might be slightly different)

For a 26’ I’m assuming you’re putting it on a 10k+ lift. (Looks like the wet weight is about 7000 lbs)

txhedg 09-28-2020 09:09 PM

You should give pursuit a call just to see if they have any specific advice. In my experience they are very happy to help any owner with various types of support, even if you are not the first owner, itís out of warranty, etc. I have gotten their advice on stuff about my 20 yr old 2870 as recently as this past year. Just have the HIN# available when you call them and they always seem happy to help.

coastboater 09-29-2020 07:05 AM

You want the lift bunks directly under the boats stringers. Provides best support for the hull and there aren't any thru-hulls in the way.

autobaun70 09-29-2020 07:14 AM

Shoot them an email and they will likely have a drawing showing where to put the bunks.

mikefloyd 09-29-2020 07:25 AM

Originally Posted by coastboater (Post 14092324)
You want the lift bunks directly under the boats stringers. Provides best support for the hull and there aren't any thru-hulls in the way.

This is how it should be done. Bunks under stringers.

Rags 09-29-2020 07:42 AM

manufacturers can also tell you where the center of gravity is for their boat with their standard power. This point should sit on the middle of the bunks (fore & aft)

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