Supressor help

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Default Supressor help

Ok I need some help buying a suppressor for my Guns! I live in Louisiana and I have several ARs in 5.56,300Blkout, 223, I also have a hunting rifle in 300 WinMag that I would like to put a suppressor on. What's the best bang for the buck? also What's the easiest way to file the suppressors? should I go through or use a lawyer for the trust? I know very little about the trusts other than you can do an individual trust per suppressor or a trust for multiple suppressors. just out of my league here but want to get this process in action before they go extinct. BTW I've looked at the Q Trash Panda and Dead air
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I went individual. The 223 and the win mag will still need hearing protection. 300 blackout wont. Take a look at rugged.
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I just bought mine in my name and waited out the tax stamp.
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Silencershop is the easiest. I’ve bought from them in the past. theY transfer to your local dealer is seamless.

I’ve also ordered from a local guy.

I had a lawyer draw up my trust 7 years ago. PA firm that specializes in gun trust. It cost me $600 but I had a few specific questions I needed clarity on before setting it up so for $600 it was worth it.

I have a bunch of Thunderbeast. Very happy with all of them.

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Default Gun trust!

If you live in Louisiana do the gun trust, it can be done for $300 ad makes life easier overall for the suppressor owner. List anyone on the trust that you want, with a trust everyone listed can use or transport the suppressor, without it, the dang thing can never be legally possessed by anyone but the owner of the tax stamp. Unless the laws have changed since the last time I researched it for myself which I doubt.
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I have a gun trust and had two suppressors put in it. I already had one in my name. When I ordered my fourth, I was told the wait was longer if I wen thru the trust than if I got the stamp in my individual name. I am still waiting after almost 6 months. I have two .22 cans that I use on my .22’s and my .223’s and one .30 caliber can that I Use on my 300 blackout and my 7mm hunting rifle. The one in waiting on is a .30. If you want to be able to let family members use them, get them in the trust.
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It can actually be done for even less than that. Shoot me a message. I'm an FFL dealer in louisiana although I dont deal in class 3 but have good references for you.
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Just wondering if anybody has actually been hassled with a suppressor by anybody wanting proof of the paperwork,like at a range or hunting.
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Form 1 and a "solvent trap" type is getting popular, way faster and cheaper.... either do the work yourself or pay an hour labor at a machine shop to complete
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Silencer Shop makes it easy. They can also send you prints off their Kiosk for filing form 1s. I am waiting on #6. It's an addiction. Both you mentioned are really nice suppressors. I really like my Omega and Surge. The surge I can make shorter configuration if needed. Get a 22 as well. So much fun.
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Originally Posted by bjm9818 View Post

I have a bunch of Thunderbeast. Very happy with all of them.
Been a Thunderbeast dealer for years and you can't buy better .
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A trust is good.
BUT... do everything yourself. It is best to understand EVERY piece of the process rather than give people money to tell you that "You're good to go."
Seriously. do research and educate yourself. Myself, I have a handful of Form 1 suppressors.
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Go see Kenny at Meplat Group. He’s a lawyer/FFL who can handle the whole thing from start to finish. Bought my first 4 cans from him.
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X3 on thunderbeast
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Go with silencershop I would recommend the dead air brand.
nomad is there. 30 cal rated for 300 win mag I'm pretty sure.
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Originally Posted by Flounderrr View Post
X3 on thunderbeast
I started out with a 30P-1 for my AIAT and it’s expanded from there. Bastards keep coming out with new Better models right before I get the stamp back on the current model.

Zak is great to deal with if you ever have any questions or issues.
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I have a Q trash panda and its awesome on .300 blk. I bought it for a Q Honey Badger and wanted it to match. They are pricey though. I went with SIG SRD 762 for my direct thread .308 can. Both company's are located in my state which was a factor. I own several other ones as well. They all work well and I dont think you can go wrong with any big brands.
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I have a friend who bought the Silencerco Hybrid and its a hell of a option for 1 and done. Its a little heavier then smaller dedicated caliber cans. I've shot it side by side with some of mine and its close enough in performance to be negligible.

if the Hybrid was around when I started buying cans it would have saved me a lot of $ and wait times.

I also went with a silecer shop style trust. I figured there was no reason to reinvent the wheel.
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I have 2 dead air nomads and a Q trashpanda.

Both awesome cans. Like mentioned above, the 300WM is still loud but it does take some of the crack out.

The Q is nice because you can easily remove it with a regular socket wrench. It stays on my sons 300 Blackout.
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pick one you can use with subsonic ammo for the best results

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