How was YOUR day?

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Default How was YOUR day?

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Default Re: How was YOUR day?

Nice photos. Thanks for the link
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Default Re: How was YOUR day?

Awesome. Moving.
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Default Re: How was YOUR day?

Some very nice camera work!
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Default RE: How was YOUR day?

Very moving, the music puts a whole different meaning to the pics

Even if we all don't agree that we should be there or not, I think we can all agree that we need to support our troops and their families, happy and safe new year.
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Default Re: How was YOUR day?

Everytime I see pics of infantry troopers I keep thinking of how much life for grunts is the same as it was 50 years ago and how much is also so very different - especially the awsome weapons and instrumentation and support. Ordinary guys doing extraordinary things out of a deep sense of duty that just doesn't exist anywhere else - save family.

Carry on ....
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Default Re: How was YOUR day?

As a vet I was especially moved by the photos and theme song, thank you.

Because recent history shows that wars almost never benefit the folks who start them, makes ya wonder why anyone would start a war.

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