Home generator reccomendation

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Default Home generator reccomendation

Looking for about A 7000W electric start gas powered home generator as a stand by in case needed.
Any advice would be appreciated
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I have this genny from HF and it's been great. Electric start,wheel kit and battery extra.
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I bought a Westinghouse duel fuel gas and propane 7500w/9500 peak electric start it has a very good reviews
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Suggest at least a 7500 generator and a multi fuel option so it can be run on gasoline or propane. Most of us get lazy and after power loss just roll it back into the shed or garage. Fuel goes bad and gums up carburetor and next time itís needed it wonít start. I had an extra propane tank installed with a quick connect and can run my 7500 for about four days on the big bottle I had installed. Had a switch installed so as soon as power is restored it switches back to regular power. I can run my whole house except for central AC On 7500 but I do control circuit breakers so that when I want hot water I shut down high draw items for a while. I run ceiling fans and am pretty self sufficient when power goes out. We do gave propane grill hooked into a second bottle of gas that also feeds out stove/range so we can cook keep food cold and freezers running just canít run AC not a bad trade IMO.
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Originally Posted by muskamoot View Post
I have this genny from HF and it's been great. Electric start,wheel kit and battery extra.
This one works great but it's heavy as F&^% and loud. I run the same one for a couple years now. Better get one while you can, probably all ready sold out because of Isa-whatever that storm is called
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Originally Posted by SEA HORSE View Post
Suggest at least a 7500 generator and a multi fuel option so it can be run on gasoline or propane. Most of us get lazy and after power loss just roll it back into the shed or garage. Fuel goes bad and gums up carburetor and next time itís needed it wonít start
Got to run them out of gas before storing! Learned this after years of repairing/replacing carbs. Most of them tell you to do this now in the user manuals.
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You may want to consider a whole house generator. We are on our 2nd unit and I will never own a house without one. We have sump pumps and when the power goes out so do the pumps, our downstairs have been flooded twice because of power outages. The battery powered one couldn't keep up with the amount of water coming in and our downstairs flooded the 2nd time. Didn't want to spend the money on a whole house generator but so glad we did it. Our first Generac unit worked for over 15 years but was not running right so we bought a new Honeywell unit from Costco. This one communicates via email/text so when it comes on I get a message on my phone. We live in a farm area so when our power goes out it's usually out for a couple of days. Now when the power goes out the generator kicks on automatically and switches the load automatically. We have everything in the house connected to the new unit including the furnace and central A/C so it's like the power is still on.

A whole house unit will cost you a lot more money than a portable unit but the benefits far outweigh the higher cost.
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How do you plan to wire it to house? What do you need to run in an outage ? What is budget? The gold standard for a portable is the Honda EU7000. To me it is not worth the $$ so I put a interlock and back feed with a 4000 Harbor freight. Runs all fridges A window ac and a few lights.
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I have had a 7kw for about 15 years. I have the lock out switch on the house so it wonít back feed. As above, it doesnít have enough power for the central ac but runs the rest of the house fine. I have gas hot water so thatís not a draw.
I also bought a window ac that I put in the bedroom. It works great to cool the back couple of rooms.
it has been used almost every year for at least a few days each.

I also agree with running the gas out at the end of the year. I store it dry. When I run it out, I stand beside it and run it out, then when it sputters I put the choke on to run it completely dead.

I have done it this way every year for 15 years and never had an issue. If you leave the gas in it over the winter, youíll take a chance. Just buy a jiggler and syphon all the gas you can out then run it dry. These things are the bomb. They are like $8.00 on Amazon

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About 12 years ago we bought a Powerboss 6500 with electric start. It has been reliable and it works ok, however it is SO FRICKEN LOUD it will wake the dead and it swills fuel at an alarming rate.

Several years ago I bought a pair of Wen 2000 inverter generators and the 30AMP combiner connector that allows them to be run in parallel to provide 3200 watts continuous total. Even having both running produces 1/10 the noise of the Powerboss 6500 and they SIP fuel. I bought a 6 gallon Moeller fuel tank and the two generator fuel feed which typically allows them to run for 40+ hours between fillups. The 3200 watt output has been enough for us to run 2 full size refrigerators, two (8K) window air conditioners and misc lights around the house. We can run them all night without worrying about disturbing the neighbors (or running out of fuel).
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I just think itís hilarious that people decide they need a generator as a storm is churning up the coast. Ax bd they also want it wired to their house.

I ignored about 70 calls on the last couple days for this type of service. You have all year to prep for Hurricane season, so donít expect your electrician to come running a day before the storm.

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Originally Posted by pectoralfin1 View Post
Looking for about A 7000W electric start gas powered home generator as a stand by in case needed.
Any advice would be appreciated
Question, why Gas? Cost? 2nd only 7K ? where are you located and just how much do you want to run? Why not want more running power even if you don't use completely?
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Generac whole house....the only way to fly...propane powered ....
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Agree about the whole house, but there’s a trade off between propane and diesel. I had a Water cooled 25 KW propane Genny for about 10 years. Worked great and provided plenty of power to run everything, However, when we lost power after a hurricane two years ago for about a week, we ran out of the 100 gallon propane tank halfway thru the outage. When we got the tank filled, the generator wouldn’t run. I rebuilt if , then replaced it with a 24 KW diesel. With a 100 gallon tank, it will run for about 5 days. Since we live in the country, and have equipment, I have a 500 gallon bulk diesel tank, so not too concerned about fuel.
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How often and for how long do you lose power? What power do you need?

Picked up a champion 7500 5 years ago and it has been flawless but I only occasionally lose power rarely for a full day. Usually a few hours or less. Runs my well, fridge and freezers and lights. Can’t run the drier or oven.
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My 2 Honda EU 2200’s and parallel cable remain content in the boxes. They have been flawless and are SO quiet. You can’t hear them, even if you put your ear up to the box. Said, as a hurricane approaches...

I went this route as I can take them, should the need arise to vacate an area...
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I did the 2 Hondaís as well. Already had 1 and decided to run a companion in parallel instead of buying a second large generator. Powers the fridge, necessary lights, and 2 portable ACís w no issue.
a whole house would be nice but very unlikely to be without power for too long and no where to seek refuge at the same time. As long as I can keep cool for sleep Iíll be ok.
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It would help if you provided a little more background and equipment needs in your house.

I've been in Hurricane central (Hatteras Island) for years and my generator requirements have evolved to lower and quieter side over time.

I started out with a large, loud, thirsty, heavy, awkward, gasoline monster because I thought I'd never run out of available power. It sucked fuel and annoyed the entire neighborhood while running, especially at night.

It was pretty much fast idling between surges or motor starts and running around 1/4 capacity usually.

Most people try to run too much crap after a storm, purchasing a huge genny and go thru gobs of fuel trying to make a bunch of unnecessary things run.

I don't have a well, an electric HWH or an electric range so over time, I went the other direction.. A 3000w inverter runs a small ac, a couple of fans, a fridge/freezer, coffee maker, microwave, a demand HWH and one or two lights (not at same time). It runs for 8-10 hours on about 2 gallons of fuel and is super quiet.

If I had an electric HWH, a well pump, elect range and I expected to run the clothes dryer and central HVAC, I would get a properly sized home standby, propane generator and the huge 250-500 gallon tank you'd need to run all that crap for a week. Paying out the a$$ for something only used occasionally with large up front equipment and installation cost followed by huge fuel consumption, and finally the maintenance, service calls and repair costs on the back side?

I keep the big boy as a backup now. I had 3 year old fuel stored between Matthew and Dorian and it ran fine. I do drain the carb. Stabilized, 93 Non Ethanol only. Try that with E10.

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Honda EU7000. I know it’s $4k but it’s also fuel injected so no carb issues. Very important if you don’t start it every week.

It also sips fuel (.28gph at idle) very important if you need to run it daily for a week straight. The Non inverter Honda 6500 burns double that rate at idle. 1/3 gal hour x20 hours x 7 days is 50 less gallons you need to store or find.

I have two mounted in the back of trucks that are three years old and still run great. Trucks are kept outside and I know my guys are not extremely diligent with making sure the cover is always on. Generators sit unused for sometimes months at a time. One has around 500 hours and the other 300 each with no issues.

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