Sons vs Daughters.....

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Default Sons vs Daughters.....

Discuss....Which is easier to raise? More expensive? Etc...
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It's a tie for me. We've had our " moments" so to speak.
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I have 2 created 2.. who pays....
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Had 3 boy's they were all easy and one daughter that was worse than all 3 boys combined and more expensive.
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Have a daughter, you need to worry about all the dicks in the world. Have a son, you only need to worry about 1
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We have a son and daughter. Son was more expensive - as he was involved in a soccer club which required us traveling from Atlanta all around the SE - as far west as TX for tournaments. But wife and I both enjoyed it.
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Case by case basis
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Had one of each, son was a horrible baby, had his days and nights mixed up for almost a year; daughter slept at night from the beginning. As teenagers, the boy had the usual teenage issues of thinking with the wrong head occasionally, but in general, wasn’t bad.

Daughter, on the other hand, turned into an absolute monster around age 13. There were a lot of days I didn’t think she would make it to 18, either because of some of the stupid and illegal staff she did or the fact I was ready to throttle her. Struggled mightily with her for almost 4 years, and a few months before her 17th birthday, it was like she went through an exorcism. She eventually became one of the sweetest people ever, and is still that way today, but I would never want to relive her early teenage years under any circumstances.
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Twin 15 year old daughters. There are days when they are possessed, but wouldn’t have it any other way. They are a blessing.
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I thank God everyday I had boys.
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Originally Posted by Lemonbayboating View Post
Had 3 boy's they were all easy and one daughter that was worse than all 3 boys combined and more expensive.

From knowing several female mentors in the community the above is 100% factual from their perspective as well.
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Boys are easier by a long shot.
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I don't have any experience with sons, but my daughters are angels compared to the way I was. They are expensive when it comes to clothing, but eat a lot less.
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It depends on individuals

my boy....A breeze.
obedient....from youngest age could handle all his responsibility. Great kid. Athletic, but just above average. Lacks that really good coordination that makes you a top athlete. Super smart. Went to school on academic scholarship and threw the discus at D1 school, played schools club lacrosse team.

My girl....always had to be reminded and made to do what she was supposed to do. she didn't get it together until halfway through high School. But somehow she did.... Went college on softball scholarship.. managed to keep grades up and will graduate from grad school in December. if you had asked us when she was in elementary school if she would even graduate college we would have had serious doubts. Unless one of us went with her. Super But did not ever want to try hard at anything that didn't come easy to her. And too many things did.

Neither ever got in trouble or gave us any problems. I think they were a little scared of me......All in all, I have to say I think my wife and I got lucky. I have friends who had some problems with kids and they did all the right things same schools etc. they were also so busy playing competitive sports and travel sports that they didn't have a whole lot of time to do anything else that might get them in trouble

I have a boss with a boy and a girl who are exactly the opposite. this girl did all her work and his boy was a nightmare

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One of each. Both great kids. As youngsters the girl was easier. Boy was always trying to find a new way to break another bone or hurt himself somehow. Girl liked to help mum and was more responsible. Teenagers, give me the boy everytime. He and his sister are really good friends, but sometimes I see even his eyes rolling at some of her behaviour. Love them both to bits.
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My daughter is 12. From age 3 she has acted like a 15 year old. No. Why. I will (never does). I don't care. Ugh, I hate you. Can I get this? Drive me here. Etc. Schooling from home was an adventure and I wasn't sure she was going to pass and move on to 7th grade. One angel of a teacher spent an hour or more every weekday for 6 weeks on a Zoom call to get her work done so she passed. I can't imagine how the next few years will go, but I am hoping for that epiphany. At least with boys you can knock some sense into them.
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Daughter first then a son. To be honest they cost us about the same. Both played sports all the way thru high school. Both played tournament ball out of school. Both went to college and got degrees, I definitely count myself blessed, they both have good work ethic and have good jobs now. Daughter had typical girl social issues in highschool and my son missed his calling as a trial attorney lol. I probably shouldn't have taught them to be quite so independent, my daughter can be rough as 80 grit sand paper sometimes, and my son thinks he never needs help(he got that from me though). But overall we are really proud of how they turned out.
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We had 2 sons and 3 girls. Girls are harder and more expensive
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I only have 1 son (that i know about anyway) I got custody of him when he was still shitting yellow, did the best I could to raise him right. He wasnt hard or expensive to raise and he never wanted for anything...I am still proud everytime I see him open the door for a lady or a older person for that matter. I couldnt have thought about raising a girl by myself.....Kudos to those that have.
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One boy.
Worst part was Video Games, Late nights on Social Media, wrecking the Tacoma I gave him, Completing Homework.
Best parts, baseball from LL to High School - All League and All -County awards, starting college, learning that getting drunk and driving is not a wise choice. Getting a job, while in college and learning how to deal with POS co-workers.
Biggest disappointment. Quitting baseball in college when he had a freshman starting spot sewed up.
I love him more than anything.

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