50 years ago today long story

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Default 50 years ago today long story

I was 17. Working nights at a local discount store where a lot of my friends worked. It was a Friday night and everyone I knew was in the parking lot hanging out. Just had an argument with the boss, she was a real pos. Beers all over the place, though when I was on my bike, I didn’t drink. It was a small bike by most standards, a 175 Honda. Fresh out of high school and had the world by the balls looking forward to school in September. No license or insurance. No helmet, sneakers no socks, cut off sweatshirt, real bikers outfit. Saw this good looking girl driving my friends yellow 66 ford galaxy so I decided to hop on the bike, drive around to the drivers side and see what I could do with this young lady. Well, apparently, as I approached the car I scared this young thing and she hit the brakes. I laid the bike down trying to stop but I was going to fast. I hit the car at the rear quarter panel hooking the wheel well. The bike went over the roof and I went over the trunk. Measuring the skid mark, the police said I was going around 75. The gas tank ruptured as we both flew through the air and the bike burned. I landed on my ass sitting up. Conscious through it all I tried to stand but my right leg was on my left side toes to heal and toes to heal. I sat down and told the car owner to get the girl and the car and go. They left. Met my parent at the hospital. Doctors told my parents I’d never walk again, they were wrong. So, to end this saga, I married the girl driving the car. Been married for 46 years.
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Long time to be with the same chick. Must be worth it. Nice.
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Crazy beginning but great ending. Congratulations on 46 years of marriage! May God continue to bless you and your bride for many years to come.
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Around that time (1970) I was stationed GA, I had a 650 Triumph. I was cruising down a 4 lane divided highway, about 60, when a truck pulling a load of hay on a trailer, decided to pull out. I laid the bike down and separated from it. I was going down the gulley between the two highways, that were flooded from a recent rain, with a rooster tail between my legs. The last thing I saw was the bike going end over end. I kept waiting for it to come down. There was no relationship between that idiot and me, he just kept plodding along. I got up, walked over to the bike, started it up and drove away. I'd rather be lucky than good any day, sounds like you got lucky
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Great story. Thanks for sharing.
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Imagine if you could get away with parking lot drinking in 2020!
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So let me get this straight, you nail the young thing in the rear when your 17 and she married you! Hold on to that women...
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Spent 2 months in the hospital and 3 more on crutches. Ever made it to school. Tried to enlist in the navy, my dad was navy, but failed the physical. Got a 1H classification. No hip socket on the right side. Bought a 71’ 650 triumph tiger a few years later after riding old beat up bikes. Finally gave up riding 2 years ago. Was still married, had nothing to gain.
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Nice story with a happy ending! I met my wife at work, she was known as the "stay away" chick because she wouldn't date anyone that she worked with. I don't know what was different about me but she actually asked me out! We went out once and had a great time but she was a smoker and I hated it so I never asked her out even though we had a great first date. She finally asked me when we were at work if I enjoyed our first date and I told her yes, best first date I ever had. I told her I couldn't deal with her smoking so she said she wouldn't smoke when we were out together. We went out a couple more times and had great times. Long story short.....I told her that i just couldn't deal with the smell of cigarettes and the way she smelled from smoking. It took her about a month of cutting back but she finally kicked the habit and we have been married for over 35 years.
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Thats a wonderful story, what a way to meet your future wife!
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That's a rough way to meet someone. Glad it worked out for you.
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We all thought we were indestructible @ that age. I played Middle linebacker in HS , messed up my back , now its coming back to bite me. Need fusion surgery.

I have two young boys 18 and 22 , I try to tell them to be careful ( the 18 yo was helping his buddy do an engine swap with no engine lift ) Him and his friends thought they could just lift it by hand, I wound up renting a lift the kid with the cars dad gave me 20 bucks ( cost me $62 ) but they got it done w/o injury.

" what if it slips and lands on your foot?" Don't worry Dad its fine. Lol, Kids
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OP, so apparently you were head over heels in love? I mean like literally, LOL
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Great story

however I’ve been married 50 years and my wife didn’t have to run me over to marry me.
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Congrats SeaBoss and Mrs. SeaBoss Congrats !!!!!!

There's GOT to be an easier way to meet gals though!
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Nice, SeaBoss. I guess I should be happy that the wife and I had the first date at a water park and the ER was not involved. lol
Only twenty-one years here. Congrats!
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how about a pic if you 2 crazy kids????
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Was it a CB or CL 175? Facts matter for connecting similar memories!
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Talk about a story to tell your grandchildren!!! Congratulations on your anniversary.
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Originally Posted by madhatter1 View Post
Was it a CB or CL 175? Facts matter for connecting similar memories!
it was a CD 175 just like this, even the same color ( before the fire )

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