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Default Nissan Titan

This is a no-bs thread. I dont want to hear anything about any other vehicle.

For all you guys that have this truck, what do you think? Im looking into one because my lease is up in June and the leasing company really wants me out of my car soon. Because I have a Nissan now, they are offering incentives to go with them. The only vehicle in their lineup that I would EVER consider driving is the Titan.

I drive about 7K miles a year.
Im not looking to tow anything with it.
Cosidering Extended cab or 4-door. Not sure which one yet...

How bad is it on gas?
Any common problems?
Any disadvantages (other than fuel economy)?
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Default RE: Nissan Titan

Capt. Squiddly - 12/23/2006 8:32 PM
I drive about 7K miles a year.
Im not looking to tow anything with it.
Cosidering Extended cab or 4-door. Not sure which one yet...
A great truck for those scenarios
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Default Re: Nissan Titan

I got my wife one 2006. I like it alot. Very roomy with a great ride. Not too great on gas but we were not worried about that. We got the 4 door and when you get on it it moves! The only problem I found is the trans. We got the 2 wheel drive and it got stuck in wet grass! Pretty embarrassing. The front right tire was on the edge of the sidewalk and the tires would fry and with the transmission it does not let you rock it back and forth. It has to idle down when you shift from drive to reverse. I ended up pulling up with my 2000 ranger 2x4 and pulling it out. Only drawback. Pulls great though. Best friend just traded in his Tundra trd 4x4 for one as it tows his 24 Hydrasports with ease. the Tundra hurt bad. Hope this helps.
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Default Re: Nissan Titan

What kinda gas mileage are you guys getting?
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Default Re: Nissan Titan

Cpt Squiddly, I've heard, and maybe some others will disprove this, but the brakes on those trucks are not up to par. As in they wear out quickly. My friends QX4, same truck but SUV, brakes wore out in 12k miles. Lemon law evoked on alot of Qx4s. I'm watching Nissan closely to see if they get it right. Love the truck. Some of the best engines in the world.
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Default Re: Nissan Titan

No brake problems yet knock on wood. Thinking about trading for the 4x4 though. My queen saw one lifted and liked it alot. Damn I am lucky!
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Default Re: Nissan Titan

I'm thinking about a Titan too. WHAT KIND OF GAS MILEAGE ARE Y'ALL TITAN OWNERS GETTING????? My 99 Ford 350 CC SRW 4x2 V-10 gas burner gets 16.5-17.5 on the highway, I want better than that. If not, I'll stick with the mammoth.
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Default Re: Nissan Titan

Ryan, what do ya drag down the road
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Default Re: Nissan Titan

I have a friend who traded in a well-worn (1997) Dodge RAM club cab 4x4 with a 5.9 for a four door Titan 4x4 last spring. His comments:

Mileage: Do not let the dealer BS you. It is, after all, a full-sized truck with a 300+ HP gas V-8. Mileage averages between 13 (worst) and 16+ (all highway, below 70 MPH). His average is approximately 15 MPG. This is exactly the same mileage his old RAM yielded (with 250 HP and less torque), and is pretty much par for the course for a 4x4 PU of that size and weight.

Being that he lives in the same town that I 'm in (we have just one traffic light, and it's just set to flash, and our lone 25 mph zone is all of four city blocks long), his average mileage is about 1.5 MPG less than mine. I have a 2WD Dakota with a 5.2 V-8, just for comparison's sake.

Fit and Finish Decidedly better than his '97 Dodge!

Dislikes Not as smooth a ride as some of its competitors. The base suspension on the Titan 4x4 imbues it with a similar ride quality to that of a late-model F-150 with the off road package (not to say that it's bad, it is a truck, after all).

He's a bit concerned about the rear differential, as it looks to have a ring-gear that's all of 8" in diameter. I'd like to point out that a number of members here have this same truck, and regularly tow with it, and haven't reported having any problems with it, so far.
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Default Re: Nissan Titan

I've had my 06 4x4 Crew Cab since February. Best vehicle I have had. My only beef with it is the gas mileage(about 13mpg in the city and 16 on the highway), but I knew what I was getting into before I bought it. I'm 6'6" and have plenty of room up front and there is just as much room in the back seat.
As far as the brake and rear end issues you hear about, I was worried about it as well. They beefed up both for 2006. I have right at 18K miles on mine(about 2000 pulling a boat) and it's held up well.
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Default Re: Nissan Titan

I bought an 06 on the last day of Aug. It now has 10K on it. This is without a doubt the best truck I've owned in 20 years. It is not a 3/4 ton work horse and I didn't buy it as one. I need to pull an open 20 foot 7000# trailer and my boat that might weigh in at 5000#. I've been told that the brake issues were worked out. We'll see. This truck flat out hauls azz. Too bad they don't put full time limited slip rears in it because it could use it. Where I once wouldn't pass a car or truck w/my 04 6.0 GMC, I don't think twice about it now. Step on and hang on. It will smolder the tires if you want to. My wife even likes it. The comfort level is as good or better than any of the optioned full size trucks. I wanted the longer bed so I gave up space in the rear of the cab. No big deal as it was for the dog anyway.

The 650 watt stereo is good for a factory system. Much better that the Bose in my last truck.

The truck likes fuel and that's a fact. The 13/16 people are telling you is true. Trying to keep your foot out of it is a chore. It has a nice throaty sound right out of the box. It does not drain on you on the highway. I can't comment on towing yet as my boat was up North when I bought this and that's where it stays in the garage for the winter. I'll know after spring fishing season when it comes back to MA. With the 5 speed tranny I would think that it will be fine. It does show improvement on the gas mileage if you slow down. With a 268 mile door to door one way trip, I just want to get there. I know that I'll need to stop for fuel pulling the boat. I've never had to do that in over 10 years of towing up to the house.

The fit and finish is first class. A very close friend who owns a body shop told me that he liked the truck in general but the body panels are very light weight. The tail gate is heavy as are the other panels that you are in contact with. The bed however is glorified alum foil. I don't make it a habit of crashing my stuff. The truck has some nice lines.

The truck is not perfect. I asked the dealer to tighten up the doors as they rattle just a little bit up North on the rougher roads. The climate control system (I have the duel) is hard to read sometimes. the writing is just too small on the display. I hate the tow mirrors. Whoever the engineer was that had drawn that setup clearly never drove a truck. The size is OK it's the split glass that frosts me. The track system in the bed is great and I also got the sliding racks that work well with it. It has more storage in the doors and console than most people could ever need. If you drive thru a deeper puddle, the water wash onto the windshield sux.

I was told to look at the 07 Tundra but I wanted out of my last ride before it needed $$$ at 74K. I don't have one regret and I saved a bunch of money in the deal. I knew that with the hype of the Toyota there would be no bargains. I also made up my mind never to order another truck after my last one, I'll only buy the one I drive. The Titan has more HP anyway.
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Default Re: Nissan Titan

I had it in a 4 WD King Cab and she loved the gas pump, That said she could pull the Queen Mary through the Panama Locks system...
I did have issues with the breaks wearing fast, the rear tires wore out on just Highway driving, no problems with the 4WD, the tire air sensor was a pain in cold weather, (False alarms) other wise a solid truck....

On the MPG... 14 Highway no Boat, 8 mpg with the boat at 70 mph on the highway


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Default Re: Nissan Titan

welder - 12/24/2006 10:05 AM Ryan, what do ya drag down the road
Most of the time just my big a$$. I sometimes pull a lowboyormy Robalo 200. When pullling I don't really notice any great change in the mileage. I may get 14 mpg while pulling the boat. The guys at the Ford dealership here in town say that I have an acceptional truck. They've never heard of a V-10 going nearly450 miles on a single tank of gas without totally running out of fuel. (BTW, my tank holds 38 gallons and when the needle is on empty, it'll take only 28-29 gallons.) People think I'm BSing when I tell them of my mileage but simple mathematics don't lie. Total miles traveleddivided by gallons used is a pretty simple operation...I've even used a GPS to check my odometer and it's dead on accurate.

We had our Christmas today and my sister and BILfrom Katy came withtheir Titan. On a recent trip to South Carolina (where my BIL is from) they got 19 mpg. He has a 30 gallon tank and got 500 miles on one fill-up. A difference but not much of one, plus my truck completely hides the Titan when they sit side to side.
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Default Re: Nissan Titan

i was looking at armadas last year and found that they have a dana 44 rear axle, which IMHO is a 1/4 ton gear. titans also have this axle and are rated for towing over 9000 lbs. that is way too much stress for that little axle and those trucks have been blowing out rear ends. go to or whatever their site is. theyve got guys with 70k miles on them on their 5th rear ends because they blow up while driving down the road. they blew out so many that nissan couldnt replace them fast enough so they just sent out heat sink diff covers to address the problem. obviously those alone cannot fix the problems because people have been blowing those out too. they just need a larger axle meant for towing 9000 lbs. i dont believe the axle is even suited for moving the vehicle by its self. a 1/2 ton truck is a lot of weight for a 1/4 axle. i asked the sales guy at nissan about this and they said people whose axles had gone out were "abusing" them.
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Default RE: Nissan Titan

My fishing partner has a 4 door Titan 2 X 4 and he loves it. The gass millage is whats being said 13 mpg to 17 mpg. If you buy one get the 4 X 4 the 2 X 4 slips to much in the rain and Ido not think it will work in the snow.
He and I are always compairing his Titan to my Tundra 4 X 4 . If you want any info on the Tundra let me know. Personaly I looked at both trucks and liked both but the Nissan dealers here are real a$$$ holes. Good luck with what ever you decide.
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Default RE: Nissan Titan

I have a 05 extended cab with 24 thousand miles. Nissan put the larger brakes on my truck at 17000 miles as part of a recall for those original brakes. The truck gets 15 mpg avg with about 11-12 towing my bay boat. Transmission shifts seamlessly with no problems. Engine is very strong and tows my boat with plenty extra power to spare. I came out of a tundra double cab and there is no comparison to towing power. I would buy another titan if I were the market. Seems like a waste to get a titan and not tow with it If the gas mileage is not a problem then get the truck as you will love it.
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Default RE: Nissan Titan

I have a 04 XE with off road package. Did have the brake upgrade, under warranty. Just about all 04's have had to have it due to rotors warping. Believe late 05 models and on have the newer brakes. 31K and no problems so far. Probably not as quiet inside as a F-150's. But for me, the power, is what sold me. 300hp on the F150 is nothing compared to the Titan. Not to bash Ford, owned plenty, still would own one. To me its just fun to drive.
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Default Re: Nissan Titan

The Titan is built at the Mississippi plant.....The have the had/have highest TGW/1000....I'd pass.
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Default Re: Nissan Titan

Titan is out of the question now. Thanks everybody for their input.I really appreciate it.

Seems I will now be looking at a Chevy Trailblazer Super Sport.
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Default RE: Nissan Titan


Both of those vehicles look nice............

As I blow by them in my 06 F150 4WD Supercrew

Big Al
yep, that was me
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