The Fair Tax Book

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Default The Fair Tax Book

Has anybody else read this, I just finished and have some opinions about it, overall it does have merit.

I don't think it will ever get enough traction to become a reality....
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Default Re: The Fair Tax Book

have not read it.

please join in the tax rant thread in the bilge - I want to know more.

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Default Re: The Fair Tax Book

Nope, haven't read it, but here's something to consider:

Taxes are not supposed to be here, but they are. They are not legal, but they aren’t going away. You can fight ‘em, but you will lose. The best you can hope for is to legally avoid taxes. Unfortunately, the best way to do that is to renounce your US citizenship and get the hell out of the United States of America. It’s sad but the US was created specifically to avoid taxes, but now has one of the highest income tax rates in the world.

At the end of the day any suggestion of significantly altering the US tax scheme is unrealistic unless it takes into account all three countries. I think the next big change coming down the line with the uniting of the peso, the US dollar, and the Canadian dollar will be to create a new income tax scheme based on the new Amero, the official currency of the North American Union (Canada, the US, and Mexico). The new tax scheme I’m thinking of will benefit all three countries, not just the US anymore. Ironically (or not!) the necessary intermediate step is the overhauling of the IRS that Bush as proposed.

The North American Union is something that got its foot in the door under the Clinton admin with NAFTA, and then Bush signed onto it, bringing it closer to fruition. Bush could seal our southern border and stop the illegal aliens with the stroke of a pen, but he hasn't. Does the Bush admin's lack of interest for a sealed border with Mexico, and his proposed amnesty program begin to make sense?!? He joined us at the hip with our neighbors on either side. All that is left is to convince you the American dollar is worthless unless we join currency with our new bed fellows to the north and the south…and we are well on our with that!

Fwiw, when the artwork for the Euro was done a few years back, two versions of the Euro was deigned; the Euro that is printed and in use today, and the artwork for a version of the Euro yet to be print that joins the Amero and the Euro into a single currency. It's not an issue of "if" it will happen; it is a matter of "when". And we are now whipping along at a pretty fast pace, now.

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Default Re: The Fair Tax Book

I need to pick up a copy. Ever since Neal Boortz put me onto the Fair Tax plan a few years ago, I'm a huge proponent of it. Think about all the illegal income that is made in this country that goes untaxed. Now, the drug dealers making millions will pay taxes on their cars, homes, boats, etc. It's an excellent plan.
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