The worst neighbors?

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Default RE: The worst neighbors?

My neighbor painted his house the color of the yellow submarine. They used to keep two cockatoo's outside--directly behind my fence. Their squalking could wake the dead. They have two dogs back there that live on a concrete slab. Those dogs never get walked or played with--they use them like a burglar alarm. Their sh*t and pi*s bakes on the concrete for weeks until they get around to hosing it down. Horrible.
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Neighbors, I’ve got the best.
While the house was under construction the contractor, another old buddy, subbed back the electrical, framing, drywall and finish to me. I would work my day job then go work on the house. A lot of the neighbors would come by and see what was being built and ignored me thinking I was a tradesman. Their comments were very revealing. The fellow across the street stopped over a few times and we started talking. Every day he would stop over and see the progress I was making. One day, after a full day of “Real Job” then a few hours crawling through the trusses stringing wire my neighbor stopped by and must have seen how ragged out I looked. He suggested I “give it a break” and come over for a drink.
We sat on his patio and had more than a few Morgan and coke’s, traded life stories and became fast friends. I eventually had to call my wife to drive me home. We were hammered.
That was 5 years ago and we are still tight.
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Default Re: The worst neighbors?

Just plant a hedge aimed at the bad neighbors house.

Actually, we got lucky, we have the greatest neighbors a person could have.

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