The worst neighbors?

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Default Re: The worst neighbors?

Exactly why I live on 15 acres
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Default Re: The worst neighbors?

RI Builder - 12/14/2006 10:38 AM

Exactly why I live on 15 acres
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Default Re: The worst neighbors?

My neighbors on one side in Rock Hall live aboard a sailboat and only show up on occasion. Ideal.

The neighbor on the other side looks after the house, collects the mail, walks through once a week in the Winter, mows and takes care of most everything else. Also Ideal.

I love that place.
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Default Re: The worst neighbors?

Mine mows his grass after 9pm at night....very rarely light his wood chipper alot at night as well......his wife disappeared for about two months can imagine why we thought he was running the woodchipper..........but she showed up eventually.
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Default Re: The worst neighbors?

I have some sh!tty neighbors but I am also a sh!tty neighbor to them. You see, my neighbors are Mexicans. They celebrate any occaison in grand fashion, but true mexican holidays are taken to the limit. I don't mind listening to that type of music if I'm in a Mexican cantina or restaurant eating chips and salsa while sipping on a Margarita, but if I'm watching a football game or trying to get some rest, the music has the effect of a jackhammer. We call the sheriff on them almost every weekend and they pipe down shortly thereafter. Oh yeah, this usually happens between the hours of 11pm and 1 am.

For payback the next day, I wake early, grab my .45 and casually walk outside. I walk out into our back yard and calmly pump 10-20 rounds of 230 gr hardball into the soil. Nice alarm clock....errrrrrr Glock.

On the 4th of July they were shooting fireworks over our property. I even heard some rocket bodies hit the roof of our barn. To pay them back for that, I waited until there was an east wind blowing and built a fire to burn a bunch of old furniture and beds. That way the black smoke got blown directly into their house.

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Default Re: The worst neighbors?

i think its easier to clean guns in natural i do it in the driveway, i think they get the message
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Default Re: The worst neighbors?

Prior to closing on our current house I was moving a few things
in early (we knew the sellers and they were already out) and the
woman (and I use that term loosely) who rented next door had me cornered
before I was even out of the car. In 5 minutes I had her entire life story,
including her divorce, POS X-Husband story, slut of a daughter, how
hard her life had been and would I mind taking down the stockade fence
so her 14 cats could crap in my yard. Almost cancelled the sale. As it turns
out I met her Ex a year later. They attempted a reconcilliation, but he ended
up committing suicide. Gee, I wonder why???? The 14 cats began to dwindle
down thanks to the FRP (Feline Relocation Program) and she was evicted
shortly thereafter. They had to completely gut the house to get rid of the stench
of cat urine that had soaked into the subfloor out before it could be sold.

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Default RE: The worst neighbors?

Thank God my neighbors are cool!

My ex-neighbor was a drunk jerk cop with drunk jerk
cop friends who blocked my driveway constantly
and one time even parked IN my driveway!
When I told him to move it he told me to gth!
We fought on my lawn and they drove away before local
cops came!

He ended up moving because he would have needed a variance to
expand his house. To get that he would have had to
get MY ok!
His wife was good looker but a gossip who's voice grated me!

I never got their forwarding address or I'd send them thankyou cards
each year on the anniversary of their leaving!

I've got nothing against cops though! I've got several as friends!
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Default RE: The worst neighbors?

FireFly - 12/13/2006 5:01 PM

With the new (not so new anymore) house I am blessed with a great neighbor to share the mountain (really a hill) with but at the last house I had some interesting neighbors to say the least.

Friday night was bonfire night for them and they would burn anything and everything they could get their hands on and more or less lit up the inside of my house from 200' away with the high flames. They would play loud music and all their friends would sit around and drink until the wee hours of the morning. It was never a problem but they were definitely interesting people.

So I'd like to find out which THT member has the most interesting neighbors and we can all be the judge of who has it bad. Pictures and news paper links would be ideal
I think you live two doors down from me. Because my neighbors do the same but worse.

He is drunk all the time, has bon fires a couple times a week, our houses are close so the ash lands all in my boat. I told him but he gets drunk and doesn't remember. He also plays the music so loud that I don't even know how he talks to his wife and kids. He is always building something out of metal so there is cutting and grinding going on.....all hours of the night sometimes. He talks to you like he knows everything and sounds like an idiot when he is doing it. Most of the time he is slurring so you can't understand a word he is saying. He also thinks everyone likes him when in fact everyone hates him.

The wife......very nice but she will talk your ear off, and LOUD, she won't let you get one word in a conversation. She is always bearfoot and her feet look gross. She was walking in to my house one day and I told my wife to make her put shoes ON before she comes in.

Both are chain smokers so when you are around them you stink like cigarettes after. Last year the wife went out of town and two hours after she got on a plane the husband was in jail for soliciting an under cover cop for prostitution and possession of cocaine.

They almost lost everything from the abuse of coke, they were going through one thousand dollars a week in blow + booze + weed + cigarettes.

My reaction.... You know what kind of boat I could have for 4 grand a month?

They are doing better now.....with the coke and money part...everything else is still going on. They really don't fit in this neighborhood.
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Default Re: The worst neighbors?

The best neighbors i ever had was when i lived next to a grave yard. Only trouble i ever had was on easter when my doverman picher just jumped my fence and was traped inside the graveyard fence. all them people wanting to get in for easter. It was bad.
Moved since then. Now one of my neighbor is a young couple with kids. get along fine with them. Always funny to look out and see what's going to happen next. He had his friend over one night and was going to cut his hair for him. (drunk) Took his electric dog cutters and started cutting. they quick working. Out comes the carb cleaner! he gets them working again and starts cutting again. Must OF been a spark. That boy's head look like a fire ball. He says what happen. My neighbor says, I'm done.
Lmao. His hair was perfect. 1/8 all over. Can't even finish this for thinking about it. I'm crying right now.rotflmao

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Default Re: The worst neighbors?

Chris, I think there is at LEAST one of those family's in every neighborhood. Particularly Florida!
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Default Re: The worst neighbors?

What's a "doverman picher"?
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Default Re: The worst neighbors?

A doverman picher is a guy from Dover that has incontinence!
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Default Re: The worst neighbors?

CJS , the FRP is a great program. Done it few times myself. But it was the DRP.
Capt Hook , thats the funniest story I've heard in a long time. Thanks. I'll ba a happy man tonight.
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Default Re: The worst neighbors?

I've lived in the same house for 30 years. Nice neighborhood up until about 4 years ago when the adjacent homeowner sold his home. The new owner immediately rented it out. One warm night my wife and I are sitting on our deck and she asks me, "Did you just hear that scream", Sure I said. I got up and walked over to the fence and heard what sounded like a man and woman verbally fighting in the rental house. Then I hear dishes breaking, interior doors slamming hard, more screaming. My wife tells me that we had better call the police. Just about that time the two lovers next door spill out into their backyard. I'm now seeing the domestic squabble take place about 75' feet from me. The guy starts saying, "your a slut and will sleep with anybody", then the next guy (yup, you guessed it-A GUY) yells back that if they were married he wouldn't do that. Then the other guy goes on about the other drinking and being a switch hitter. At that point I yell, "Take your frigging love quarrel in the house." They now see me and listen up and return to the inside of the house. About a week later they actually got in a little slapey face fight, this time in the front yard. I called the owner. Told him get these guys under control or ask them to vacate, he says he is sorry about the noise and battles but he has been trying to help his brother by letting him live there. With that I just said forget it. They actually moved out about a month later and the same young family moved in and are nice folks. When we BBQ on the back deck my wife and I laugh about those first new tenants.
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Default Re: The worst neighbors?

twentynine - 12/14/2006 5:43 PM

What's a "doverman picher"?

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Default Re: The worst neighbors?

I just lost my supper Hook!!!
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Default Re: The worst neighbors?

I don't use the Feline Relocation Program, instead I choose the Feline Eradication Proram. With the FRP you're just throwing trash over the fence...with the FEP you're contributing to the full bellies of coyotes, buzzards, and other opportunistic creatures.
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Default RE: The worst neighbors?

Well, about 6 years ago, the house two doors down was sold and a retired couple from up North bought it and moved in...Real nice people, no kids, no pets, no loud parties....then one day I was visiting and walking the dog (Jack Russell) named Winston....he used to run away to that house and play with the two dogs that lived there...

They use to leave the garage door up and the interior door open in the spring and fall (cooler months) here in Florida you know....Well, Winston being a runner would always find a way to get out without a leash on and run to the neighbors and into the house via the garage....

Well, the Admiral and I were carrying grocery bags into the house and he got out, ren to the neighbors, I thought the big door was down all the way, NOT....then he ran back and barked at me to chase him....I finished doing the grocery thing and started looking for him....not in his usual places...I went back to get the car and the door bell rings, here is my new neighbor holding Winston by the scruff of his neck, I opened the door and he says...I believe this is yours....

He ran in under the garage door, ran into the house jumped up on the sofa and took a PEE and ran back out into the garage but the door was now down...SO GUESS WHO THE BAD NEIGHBOR IS AROUND HERE....

We, had a Beer and laughed it off, I offered to have the sofa cleaned and he told me never he is retired from the business of detailing autos and had 6 shops up in Michigan, and he already took care of it...

My neighbor passed away three years ago now....a very nice guy...still miss him, Winston is gone now also...
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Default Re: The worst neighbors?

Great stories thar - guys!

My neighbor is figure out the rest.

Welder - you KNOW I love ya~!!

Couldn't ask for better!
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