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Have you worn a mask for COVID?

Old 05-13-2020, 11:40 AM
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Default Have you worn a mask for COVID?

Have you worn a mask for this?
Old 05-13-2020, 11:45 AM
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I was made to wear one the other day that I had lab tests, otherwise, no.
(NC here)
Old 05-13-2020, 12:09 PM
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Had to wear one for a visit to a doctor.
Old 05-13-2020, 12:14 PM
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Only where required by businesses as a qualification to enter. Costco specifically.
Old 05-13-2020, 12:14 PM
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Once. Supermarket had a sign requesting that patrons wear masks.
Old 05-13-2020, 12:14 PM
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Where required.
Old 05-13-2020, 12:16 PM
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Entering building that require.
Old 05-13-2020, 12:17 PM
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Nope, and I've been going out and about to work/stores that are open and other places. A lot around here are wearing them, but a lot aren't. No weird looks from anyone, either.
Old 05-13-2020, 12:18 PM
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Nope, I haven't set foot in a grocery store, hospital, or other business that requires it. They have the right to require it, just like I have the right to spend my money else-where.
Old 05-13-2020, 12:20 PM
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Yes, of course, when required, etc.
Now, do I think it helped me from getting sick or from getting someone else sick? No.




Old 05-13-2020, 12:21 PM
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Always when entering a store - dont enjoy it but hey it wont be forever hopefully ... otherwise, no ...
Old 05-13-2020, 12:22 PM
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Everyday at work. Hospital.
Old 05-13-2020, 12:27 PM
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when I will be around other people, Yes

I try my best to avoid places I have to be around other people, because there are a certain type of people that refuse to follow simple rules set to help protect the general public.

for some reason they think only the people that think they are sick should wear them, but not the ones that have no idea they are sick and are spreading the V19
Old 05-13-2020, 12:28 PM
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just to enter a store. it comes off when i leave.
Old 05-13-2020, 12:30 PM
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It is mandatory to enter business or public building here (county law).
Old 05-13-2020, 12:32 PM
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Only when absolutely necessary. Personally I think it is a colossal waste of time. Keeps people scared though.
Old 05-13-2020, 12:46 PM
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When in stores but not when out walking, and especially not when driving.
Old 05-13-2020, 12:55 PM
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They made me wear a mask for a rectal exam. I didn't want to take off the mask, so they took my temperature "the other way".

I asked if there was any difference in the oral and rectal thermometers........ The doc told me "just the taste!"

Old 05-13-2020, 12:57 PM
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Nope, I’ve been to the grocery store about twice a week and to the doctor once. But we do not have but a a few cases in our area.
Old 05-13-2020, 12:58 PM
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I will wear a face coverup and gloves not mask when entering someone's house when at work..

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