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Default HD TV Question

So I found the 42" Plasma TV that I wanted - a Panasonic that I had found a good price for on line.

I went to Circuit City to have a look at it in person before buying, only to realize it was a 720P.

I know that neither cable or sattelite give 1080p right now so how big a deal is it to go with the 1080p versus the lower resolution?

Should I bite the bullet and go up to a 1080p to prepare - plus I think you can get the 1080p over the airways with a built-in tuner.
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Default Re: HD TV Question


Should I get the 200 HP or just the 150.... Bite the bullet??

You were looking for a 1080, you thought you had a 1080 and now you don't. Sorry, but I don't really see the discussion here - keep lookin'..
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Default Re: HD TV Question

I don't know if I'm old school or just to d@mn smart, but why are people spending big bucks on TVs that are more TV then most of the channels out there???????????? I'd say the manufacturing of televisions is probably five to ten years ahead of you think your HD will last that long or will you guys be on your second or third HD before you'll be able to fully take advantage of it?
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Default Re: HD TV Question

Technology changes very fast, before you know it your going to be able to fully use a 1080 TV set.
Buy the best now, programming will catch up sooner than later.

I have the Panasonic plasma TH-42PHD8UK and a LCD in the bedroom.
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Default Re: HD TV Question

By the way the 1080p will look a hell of alot better on standard channels. That is another advantage everyone has overlooked. You might only get 10 HD channels depending on your cable, but the other 200 channels will look much clear with a 1080p over any others including the 720p or the 1080i on the market due to its digital upgrade capability.

Just my 2 cents.... I bought a 42 Samsung almost a year ago now... I could buy 2 for the price I paid for 1
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Default Re: HD TV Question

They way you really have to look at it is by taking into consideration the 720p is really old technology. Think of it as buying a new Garmin GPS vs. looking at a Garmin which came out 6 years ago. Why they don't stamp these 720p set with "Leftover" is beyond me.

Get the 1080P and you will not regret it.
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Default RE: HD TV Question

Probably not too long before they work out the Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD competition, then there will be a boat load of 1080p DVD's out, and prices dropping on the players. I just got a 52" Sharp LCD 1080p, and the prices are still dropping on them. Get the best technology now in my opinion.
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Default Re: HD TV Question

Here's some article sent to me recently on the broadcasting timetable.
So it sounds like its coming pretty soon.
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Default Re: HD TV Question

I read an article on that basically concluded that most people will be unable to tell the difference in a 1080 and 720 picture. They did subjective side by side comparision. Their main criteria for picture quality are (in order of importance):

contrast ratio
color saturation
color accuracy
resolution (last place)

Food for thought.
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