New Terminix Deal

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Default New Terminix Deal

Had my annual Terminix inspection today. I have the Centrocon system currently.

They have a new "liquid barrier" system that they are offering. They say that this give much better protection on subterrenean and no also covers Formosan termites.

This is going to cost $1000 to install, which includes my first year's maintenance fees.

My annual fees for the current system is around $500, because of the better protection the rate for the new system will be $225. So basically I will be paying 500 extra now for the installation, but will recoup in just over 2 years.

Has anyone else installed this new system or is knowledgeable on termite systems? Thoughts?

House is in NE Florida. House 2 doors down has has extensive damage this year as has the club house. Our house has previously been termite repaired. So doing nothing is not an option.
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Default RE: New Terminix Deal

Check around. Seems high to me. I changed from Terminex when they kept "changing" treatment methods and increasing their rates. Make sure you have a treatment and damage contract as a lot of companies sell you a "bond" but will only treat live infestation not the damage that has occured.

Here in Mobile, as in your part of the country, coverage is important - but I would not overpay for the protection. Here $500 per year would be considered outragous and $200 per year renewals would be acceptable. We have companies that treat (sub and formosan) for $195 (to treat and put under contract)
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Default RE: New Terminix Deal

I am not an expert on termites, but my brother was a manager with Orkin for a little while. He told me that they did not do a lot of termite work because they charged WAY more than everyone else. The reason was that they actually did the good job and used the correct amount of chemical on the house. I don't remember the exact amounts, but it would take hundreds of gallons of chemical to properly treat a decent sized house. Most companies do a half assed job, use a minimal amount of an inferior product and simply put you under an insurance contract (through a 3rd party) . Don't be fooled by cheap prices. Those companies do a crappy job and use inferior products. The point is not to get termites in the first place. He told me the ONLY two companies to ever consider is Terminex and Orkin. Orkin supposedly does far more R&D to develop new stuff to protect against termites. Stick with Terminex on this one.
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