Long shot- home electrical help

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Default Long shot- home electrical help

Can anyone identify the below fixture? These were installed by the previous owners in the late 90ís. I canít seem to find a manufacturer label anywhere. I have 4 others in the house. This one has decided to crap the bed. The retention/ connection for the bulb is no longer functioning and Iíd like to either fix or replace with a similar design.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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You might try disassemby and putting in new guts. See like. Only 5 bucks or so.
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I would rip it out and shit on it!!
I had 2 of those halogen fixtures mounted on a poll on garage roof and the longest the bulbs would last was 30 minutes.
It took me longer to climb up and change them than they would last.
Then the BS bulb connections would go bad and burn.
I bought HF bulbs no good, then bought name brand same shit.
Go with LED's way less power consumption.
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Are you using them to heat your home?
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Halogen Light fixtures. They put out a lot of light, but the bulbs get very hot, so don't put anything over them,

They work just fine if one follows directions and does not touch the bulb with your bare fingers. The oil from you hands gets on the bulb and creates a hot spot and causes a premature failure.

We had a couple of floor lamps and loved them. I think the floor lamps were taken off the market because people would throw their clothes on them and then turn on the light which caused a few fires. I think the bulbs are still available.
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Strip it out and put in a small socket and led to match. It will be so good you will do the others. And last 5000 hours
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Thanks for all the prompt replies. I may try to swap out the fixture per the link from dssmith.

Iíll likely swap the bulb for a LED. Iíve tried a swap before but I could find one that gave me a good amount of light. Also, my wife hates the harsh white from some LEDs so Iíll look for other options.

Like I mentioned I have several of these fixtures that have been in service in the house since Ď98. This one has been the only temperamental fixture. And yes, I live in MN and this time of year I donít mind the extra heat- current temp is 0 degrees.

Thanks again for the help fellas.

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You can buy LED in different shades of "white" so the harsh white you refer to is easy to overcome, those lamps can be tricky to fit, as mentioned, if you touch them on the glass they can fail in very short time, they also consume lots of power.
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If you do end up changing the halogens for LED fixtures you want to find lamps in the temp range of about 2700k. The first gen LED's were up around 5000k and where very white and harsh which many people still associate with LEDs. At 2700k the color is very similar to the incandescent we all know and love!
That fixture looks like it may have been a Koch and Lowey made in the 90's. You might check their web site for info on parts for older fixtures. Long shotbut may pay off.

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