Breakup Music

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Default Breakup Music

Have you ever used music to breakup with someone? Or has someone used music to breakup with you? What were the tunes?

This is an actual question on another forum that I watch. I've never done it nor had it done to me, but an interesting concept. Although every time I would encounter my ex wife, "The Bitch is Back" from Elton John pops into my mind.
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Maybe in high school.
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Fraternity brother was at beach week with girlfriend, found out she hooked up with another guy. Had to bring her home but played phil collins "i don't care anymore" on repeat and would not talk to her for the 4 hour ride.
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Have not "used music" to break up, but I'll run across songs that remind me of a woman, and a couple that bring be back to the day of the I'll reach for the dial and change it.
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They don't write 'em like that anymore...

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Missing you by John Waite
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I quite like Harry Nillson "you're breaking my heart"

Dont remember how to attach a youtube link..
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“Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” - Spin Doctors

These days, everyone breaks up over text message...
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FREEBIRD back in high school
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Originally Posted by Vitamin_Sea View Post
beat me to it
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I have used face to face, honest, and to the point conversations a couple of times many years ago. No music was involved.
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1981. My Senior girlfriend was breaking up with me (Junior) because she was leaving for college. Parked out in the country..."Sad Eyes" (Robert John) comes on radio...we started laughing. I turned off the radio and drove her home.

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i broke up with a girl once, when i told her it wasnt working out, she stared this death stare at me and said " no your not!" the next 6 months was absolute crazy bitch hell!

she said no like it was a question! lol!

have never used music, i like straight to the point!
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Let me go by the Stones, "The chairs are on the table, out the door baby."
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Never used used a song, but listened to this one a lot after a break up in college.

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Timely. I texted my cheating wife to pick up her divorce papers at the lawyer today. Give me some good songs to send her

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