Do I want a timeshare?

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Default Do I want a timeshare?

Or am I going to regret it like 90's Bayliner cruiser with a with a plastic volvo outdrive? My Canadian in-laws have a timeshare in New Smyrna Beach, FL. My mother in law has had some health setbacks and they aren't interested in using it, trading the week for somewhere else, selling their week or whatever other options there are.We have used her week in the past, or bought a week somewhere else, but it's always a big hassle with her being the primary owner, working through her booking it for us as she can barely work the internet, and there always ends up some fee. She has offered us to take over since they don't intend to use it and I think they're impossible to sell?

Here's what I know as I'm in the initial idea of taking this on: The maintanance is about $1200 per year as it's an oceanfront unit. It's fully paid for and the deeded type.I believe it's a desirable place? (We live an hour south at the beach so it's like being home for us) The service we have used in the past when we bought a week or traded it was Interval International. The parent company of their property is Festiva? We are a family of 4 with a 15 yo boy and 8 year old girl. Really we would just want to mostly use it for Colorado or Western Skiing. Anyone know what my :
Trasnfer/closing costs
Hidden costs/assesments
longterm costs
Resort Transfer fees
That kinda stuff?

We're in the middle of the school age (one in 9th grade, one in 3rd) working parent grind phase of our life. We usually go one week somewhere and a few long weekend vacations. Usually the Keys and something else, a VRBO mountain house or something. Not jetsetting to the beaches of southern France. We're usually at least spending $250/day on accomodation and food. I'd call the Festiva timeshare company and ask about all this but I know that business is like shady used cars sales so I figured I'd check the cynical bastards here first (no offense intended ). Are there tons of these things sitting around that you can take over for free in places like Colorado where we really want to be? Are these things like the plague?

So do I want to pursue this or let it die on the vine?

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Seems to me you can just book a condo anywhere you want to once a year without the hassle of ownership. I could be wrong but I always thought timeshares were money pits
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You definitely don’t want to own it. Can’t even quit claim the things most of the time.
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I know several people who bought a timeshare and regretted it. To me it's worth paying a little extra to do a rental than to put up with the BS. I go to Williamsburg and stay at Powatan and every time they try to sell me a timeshare. The used car salesman is a very good comparison. JMHO.
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Wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. Nearly impossible to get rid of and you get to pay the maintenance fees for the rest of your life. Tried to get rid of my mom's for years now and every firm who says they specialize in this want thousands to take it off our hands. That industry must have a powerful lobby.
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just airbnb / vrbo and take your pick anywhere you want to go. You can even keep booking the same place year after year I do this to a house in breckenridge
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No!!!! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no...hell no!

Think about when they sell these things to suckers...they gotta butter them up with free food or whatever and then use high pressure tactics. Must be a reason...
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I had one of them cuss me out because I told him it was a suckers bet!
Had another different one tell me they were catching shrimp with a rod and reel!!!
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I agree with those who say that no you don't want a timeshare. I had wondered how those who get rid of them for you do it. It was interesting that another poster said they want thousands to do this.
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Two kinds of TS owners. Those who regret it, and those who will.

The occasional AirB&B Is a much better deal.
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If you really hate your children and want to get back at them after you die...but a timeshare.

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No, don’t do it. As stated you can book a nice place for that.

Finally got rid of mine.

something about the expiration of some legal bs.

anyway I was able to quit claim mine back with no further impact, thank you Lord!!!!!
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Do you both hate money AND need extra aggravation in your life? If the answer is "yes" and "yes" then you certainly need a timeshare!
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So you pay $1200 a year for your unit. If you want to “trade” for a week elsewhere, there are various fees with that. So essentially you are paying about $1800 for a week somewhere. What is the deal with that? Why not just book your own place?
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Ask yourself this,
What benefit is there to having $omething I MU$T pay for, for the re$t of my life and children$ live$ even when it i$ not being u$ed it and I have no control on the increa$ed payment$ that WILL happen?

We had an every other year in FL. 1 mile from an entrance to Disney. It is a beautiful place. Bought it 30 years ago and after much grief they took it back last year.

Blue Tree Resort at Lake Buena Vista
Walt Disney World Good Neighbor® Hotel | Blue Tree Resort

We did use it and many other places. My wife took care of all the arrangements and she said it was a PITA.
Never as simple or are places available as you are led to believe.

As everyone else stated, DO NOT buy, DO NOT get it in your name. Rent what you want as you want it and then walk away w/o obligations to anyone.

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No....nope..... HELL NO !!!!

just take your yearly fees and book a rental where ever and when ever you want to go
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Default Read this guys.

You can have one and not pay for it. Just got to think outside the box and instead of being part of their system turn it around and work their system to you. . I'll use Blue Green vacations as a example .
Every year and a half Blue Green will give you a three day weekday or weekend for almost nothing to go enjoy one of their resorts then after showing up to the presendtation they give you a visa card for all your money back. All you have to do is show up one day for a couple of hours walk through their program with a high pressure sales person and its not to bad to sit there and listen but you never buy. The key is their interest rate. Its WAY WAY up there so after about a hour jump them ahead and ask them what are their rates. Don't blast off when they tell you. LMAO There in the 15 to 20% rate. Thats your key to take over the conversation and the presendtation will end shortly after that. LOL But you still get your three days/nights.
Now guess what. You can do that with every single one of these vacation resorts. Even back to back them for a week stay . Just did it in Gatlinburg this past spring. Yes I had to change motels in the middle of the week but i'm guessing maybe 3 to 3.5 hours total in both resorts listening to their offer . I got 6 days in Gatlinburg. Blue green was 175 dollar up front then of coure the visa just paid me back for that. Only thing that trip cost me was my gas to get there and back. Other was a privet resort that one cost me about 70 dollars for three days.
Do you guys know how many different vacation compaines there are out there wanting you to buy time shares? What did Jeff Foxworthy say. Its a Buffet out there guys. You have to do your homework and play your time where you can find two resorts close enough changing motels is not a issue but why buy the cow when the milk is free.

Remember it don't cost nother to window shop.

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Don't even think about it, walk, no run, away!
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Ive always wondered who falls for these time share schemes...

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