Office pranks

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Default Office pranks

About 2 weeks ago I put one of those wireless controlled power outlets on my co-workers computer monitor... every day or so Ill turn the power off just to the monitor for a few seconds then turn it back on.. Im up to about 7-8 times a day now and hes going crazy...

I only do it when hes messing around on Facebook or YouTube so no productivity is lost but man were having a good time with this... and yes hes the office prankster so Im sure hell pay me back. All in good fun.

What other office pranks have you guys pulled off?

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We had a "former" employee who used to rub his finger in crack of his ass, would fill a cup with water, place said finger on top of cup walking around saying "man does this water smell funny?"

Needless to say, he's no longer here. LOL

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We had a guy that was a real POS. Guys would rub their dicks in his coffee mugs. He liked to steal chocolates. Sacrificial chocolates were wiped on peoples anuses and left for him to steal.
He was finally fired for cause.
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We had a guy who would vape in the building. The different" flavors" stunk worse than a cigarette.
I got a sprayer of Liquid ass and would spray his enclosed office when he was not in it. Made him gag! It is nasty.
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The gals like their glitter bombs. Tape a little piece of paper to the top of the door. Sprinkle glitter on it. Slowly close door most of the way. When the victim enters their office. Glitter falls on them.
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Long time ago now but we used to wire matchstick bombs to the back of power switches on our friends equipment test beds. Was funny to watch until one day our boss was walking past as one exploded. He had recently had major heart surgery so there were anxious moments until we saw that he was ok.
Similar time period we would wire a shocking, but not lethal, voltage to carefully placed tools to catch guys who were borrowing them without asking.
Another one was wiring weights to the back of drawers so that when the drawer was opened the weight would fall and slam the drawer shut.
Lots of of other traditional and more crazy stuff, but average age of people at this job might have been around 20 and almost no females so it could get a bit rough. My first day involved being manhandled into a big tool chest by half a dozen of my new workmates and the lid locked down. In there for maybe 5 minutes before my new boss opens the box and asks me what the hell I am doing sleeping in a damn box and how much should he take out of my pay!!! Welcome to the real world boy!
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And don't forget the Anoyotron.
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Originally Posted by InTheNet View Post
And don't forget the Anoyotron.
DAMN! You beat me to it. Linky...

Amazon Amazon
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Small piece of scotch tape over the eye on an LED mouse works wonders. Takes them forever to figure it out.

Get a wireless mouse and plug the receiver in the back of their computer so they can't see it, every so often, move the mouse around on your desk.

Fill their desk with packing peanuts.

If they leave their PC unlocked, change the background to something really stupid but turn the image 180*. Then rotate their monitor output in the settings to 180*, this way it takes them forever to fix it.

Again, if they leave their PC unlocked, a quick email to all their team mates saying they will be bringing in donuts for everyone tomorrow and request everyone reply with what they want.

Or, just email their boss to tell them how much they love them. Blind carbon copy everyone on the team.

All stupid stuff we used to do at my last job. My current job is a bit more professional so I wouldn't do any of this besides the mouse tape one, or leave an annoy-o-tron device taped on the back of their desk.
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Buy some of this to leave on your desk
Amazon Amazon
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Years ago at a place I worked there was this dude we loved to pull pranks on, and piss him off.

One day I went into the bathroom, I think it was around Valentines day or something cuz there were chocolates around. I went in and did my business, but just before coming out of the bathroom, put a chocolate in my mouth, got it wet and bit it a bit, and then took some teepee in my hand..and expelled the chocolate from my mouth on it like a big smear blob. Walked out of the bathroom holding it low in my hand but acting interested in it.."oh man, wow..what is this...hey Vinny...VINNY (that was his name)..check this out!" I walked up to him and swatted him across the face with the teepee. Streaking the chocolate on his cheekbone. The look on his face..his eyes went bug eyed...his face boiled up all red...he went bonkers..LOL. The bunch of us there were laughing so freaking hard.
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Get one of those hypodermic-style glue syringes from a craft store. Put water in it. INsert needle into the foam of someone's seat and dispense the water. The foam gets soaked, the fabric looks normal. They sit and after a minute or two start squirming as their butt starts to get wet. Inevitably they have to get up and their pants show the tell-tale signs....Oh to be young and mischievous....
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We used to do a lot of them. One of them was moving a co-workers desk forward to the wall. Doesn't sound bad, but do it 1/8th of inch once a day and takes them a month or two to say WTF?

Amateur stuff was putting tape on the microphone of a phone handset or unlocked computer tricks.
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the piece of tape under the mouse LED is a favorite.
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Forward all the phones on the floor to one number. Swap a few keys on a desktop keyboard - doesn't fool the touch typists but not everyone touch types - pick your victim.
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Stretch wrapped a guys truck once.
Put the back of another truck on jack stands just high enough to not be noticed
Drew a spider on the toilet paper roll in one of the bathrooms recently....inspired by the funny picture thread here.
One place I worked in was owned by a group of brothers, the farther down in the lineage the thinner the intelligence, the youngest used to love cruising around in a golf cart inside the building, carelessly most of the time. almost hit me one day. So at lunch I used a fork lift and stowed his "toy" on the very top of a storage rack and put cardboard in front of it, took him 2 days to find it

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Originally Posted by ChrisW21 View Post
Damn! $160!! WTF? I was ready.
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Unlocked computer, take a screenshot of the desktop, make it the background, then hide the icons.

Drilled a hole in the top of a locker placed the tip of a mig gun in the hole and zip tied the trigger and dumped 50lbs of MIG wire into the locker.

had a guy that would leave his toolbox on the second level of a scaffold so he would have to walk all the way down. He would slide down the scaffolds and just take pick up his tool box on the way down. So we welded his toolbox to the scaffold.

asked a kid at the machine shop for a can of 1/2 white spray paint, he came back and said the tool crib only had 1/4. Told him to go get it and we would just spray it twice
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In one of my first jobs, we used to have a payment slot on the side of the building for customers to drop off payments. Every morning one of the office girls would go to the closet where the lockbox was for this payment slot and would take the side panel off the box, collect all the envelopes and process the payments.

On night we filled the box with these little things that looked like brass bushings. Filled the whole box, must have taken over 1,000 to do it. When she opened the box they all came cascading down to the floor, making a huge racket and scaring the crap out of her.
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Computers in our office "go to sleep" a couple minutes after you walk away. Girl in our office (big girl, huge boobs) was friendly with another guy there. I walk in her empty office but her computer is still "awake". I send a quick email to her friend....."Do you think anyone would notice if I stopped wearing underwear?"

45 min later he apparently responded with ......."Depends, are you talking the top or bottom?"

She knew it was me but it was still hilarious!!!!!!

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