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These peeps are lucky I pulled my own silverware / cutlery..not some plastic stuff.....they are 3 1/2 minutes late and the knot ready admiral is knot ready fo dis!!! Yo!!

This BULLStufT!!

Last edited by Lprizman; 08-23-2019 at 05:21 PM. Reason: Sorry I cussed. Grave and others may see.. that is not right..I was raised better
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great weekend all!!
need anything call me 401-300-6548
Grace. .hugs to you and Mom and family know...hugs bro!!!
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Have a great safe weekend all....this was a rough rough week...
All seriousness... .pleases be safe

love you all!!!
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Originally Posted by mikefloyd View Post
This is the definition of envy that I use.
desire to have a quality, possession, or other desirable attribute belonging to (someone else).
"he envied people who did not have to work on weekends"
synonyms:be envious of, be jealous of; More
that’s the one...
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I like her humble brag

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Originally Posted by reelin in the keys View Post
You can borrow one of my mine !! I have 3 laying around ... Wait 4 I forgot about one .
I don't think it qualifies as a humblebrag unless you actually own the stuff you're talking about.
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I have a friend that got her first Mercedes (used) but now she never refers to it as a car, it is a Mercedes. “I need to have my Mercedes washed” etc...
i find it funny.

If if you are going to do it, do it right:

I heard Rick Flair (the wrestler) on the radio one time. A guy made a comment about a dollar amount like it was substantial. Rick butted in with “Son, I’ve got more money in spilled liquor every month than that!”
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Like dis, posted some where else here;

Funny you should say this, I'm a real estate investor. If I posted up the loan application you would see that I own 7 homes with an approximate value of 2.2 million. They have roughly 1 million left on the mortgages. 1 is my primary residence so that is a total liability the other 6 bring in 15k a month in rental income and as high as 20k depending on the month (2 are Airbnb vacation rentals, in winter months they really crush it). Obviously, there are mortgage payments on them all but they are roughly 7k. So I pull in about 80k in a year just off of these properties.

So to answer your question I've already bought the real estate. I have a ton of equity which is not liquid. I could sell one of the properties and pay cash for the boat but as long as I keep the property I can have a new boat anytime I want essentially.

​​​​​5% on boat loan vs 20% return on the real estate holdings. It's a no brainer. Yes, if i take the full 15 years I will pay 30k more but we decided we wanted to have the flexibility of the lower payment, we most certainly will throw a little more money at it each month but currently the stock market is doing so well, it's smarter to throw the extra money there.

​​​in 3-5 years if I want to step up to a bigger boat I'll probably have a bigger cash nest egg to do so, but I want the boat now. Life is short. My wife and I have plenty of life insurance, long term disability insurance, 529 college plan for our 22month old and we aren't planning to have more kids. We have been very responsible and made many sacrifices to get to where we are and now I'm of the attitude that "life is short, buy the boat". I got tired of trying to find a decent used boat, between the modern day creature comforts like hardtops with molded speakers and misters and the fact that there is full warranty on hull and motor, the new boat was the best choice for me .

Lots of people say they are doing loan because they can get better return on investing their cash elsewhere but Im.sure many of them are full of shit, they don't have the cash handy and they want to boat anyways lol. I could care less, it's not my business

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