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Weekend at the U.S.S. Lexington

Old 07-20-2019, 03:26 AM
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Default Weekend at the U.S.S. Lexington

So, went with my son and his scout pack (along with others) to the U.S.S. Lexington this last weekend and we got to spend the night....brought back some fond memories. My ship, in the Navy, was commissioned about the same time. If you ever get a chance to do so, spend the night onboard... uh... do it in the winter

Don't laugh at the video, I do not normally video with my phone going back and forth etc.. heh, and I was up on the stage trying to get all the kids

Hrm, let me see if it will even let me upload the video, may need to do a link...

Nope, you will have to see a picture.. he had a blast even in the heat.. good kiddo... heh (I think he had more fun wearing the sunglasses.. $3 and a week worth of smiles.. heh)


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Old 07-20-2019, 03:50 AM
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That is great, our troop did a few overnights on the BattleShip New Jersey. Good times and memories for sure for your Troop.

Ironic post. Just buried my Cousin this week who was a Helmsman at one time on the USS Lexington.
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Old 07-20-2019, 04:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Striper In View Post
That is great, our troop did a few overnights on the BattleShip New Jersey. Good times and memories for sure for your Troop.

Ironic post. Just buried my Cousin this week who was a Helmsman at one time on the USS Lexington.
Sorry to hear that. If it is any consolation, your cousin is/was part of something great, beyond being your cousin, which I am sure is greatness in itself

I started a sorta "trend" with my friends from the U.S.S. Sierra a few months back. I had an extra coffee cup we got from the ship, which was decommissioned and sold to South America in 1993 for a penny.. (don't get me started on that one)....and I mailed it to a friend that did not have one. The funny thing was, if you can call it that, is the cup was sent to me by the wife of my other friend from the ship. They had gotten divorced and she gave it to me, so I gave it to the other guy... heh.. I made sure no feelings were hurt in the making of the move :P Anyway, we all had one then so started sharing a "virtual cup of coffee" on the weekends with our cups. It grew into a lot of past sailors from the ship doing the same and we all post a photo etc on a thread.

Anyway, that weekend, my son and I got to share a cup with not only my old shipmates, but the Lexington ones as well. We made a few friends and are about to ship out the John Wayne collection of movies and some other stuff to donate to the Lex for overnighters, to update their selections, as a thank you. I bought the movies over years for my dad and have them in digital format and they needed donations, so it made sense.. heh.

Anyways, I digress. Nate had a blast and got to see things he had never seen before and I spent the weekend answering questions of all sorts :P Good times.

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Old 07-20-2019, 07:00 AM
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Good times @jrbarnard !!!!! Your kid will remember this weekend for a long time.

My oldest daughter ( is 37 now) went with me, my dad, and his dad ( 90+ at the time ) to the battle ship Texas. Dad was in the Navy and Coast Guard combined for 30 years, his dad had never ever been on a ship of any kind. It was a very cool day we spent, with my dad explaining everything to my daughter and his dad, from the deck gear, to the turrets and bridge ( he was a bosuns mate and gunners mate, so ....). My daughter still remembers that day as real as ever, plus that we went to an Astros game that night, the four of us.

Good work sir!
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Old 07-20-2019, 02:00 PM
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We went there several years ago. It's amazing how big the flight deck is when you're up there.
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Old 07-20-2019, 02:21 PM
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The "Blue Ghost"....

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We were there Thursday (day visit). My youngest especially enjoyed it.

Supposedly the Battleship Texas May be moved, need to take them before it does.
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Irony. I was just looking at the gulf coast on my phone using google earth. I seen the USS Lexington never knowing it was there, and thought wow I would love to see that in person ! 10 minutes later I see this thread.
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I love that ship. Did a week long summer day camp for a few years when I was a kid on her. Lots of history lessons but also my first taste of mechanics and physics where I learned the basics of pulleys, levers, ramps, etc. I was only six when she was brought to Corpus but actually remember the news, it was a big deal. I had the privilege of driving past her every day for a few years on my commute and she has most certainly become part of the landscape of my home town. I had mixed feelings when they used her for the scenes aboard the Japanese carrier during the filming of the movie Pearl Harbor but took comfort in the fact that we sent almost all of theirs to the bottom then scrapped the rest so they had to figure something out for the movie.

One more example of the upside down bizarre shit associated with hurricanes; they cleared the flight deck for the only time I can remember in preparation for Harvey. This time they put all the planes in the maintenance deck below. Must have been tighter than dick skin but they had her closed up tight save for that lonely blue bitch that wouldn't fit. For the filming of Pearl Harbor they offloaded all of the aircraft onto a barge and just moved it a couple hundred yards away.

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My son's troop also did the weekend stay. Hot and humid doesn't begin to describe the trip. It is something he still talks about 20 years later.
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