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Grout in shower drain.

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Muratic Acid X2 It will eat the grout. Just dont breath it.
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Bigger issue is if they stupid and blocked trap then the tiny drain holes between slab and tile are packed with quickset
had a leaky drain plumber said shower needed new pan
ins co paid plumber and tile man to redo. 5 yrs later I go water coming thru wall behind shower as weeping drains clogged an pan is filled under tile and overflowing
rotted out 4 floor joists and subfloor. This time ins co wouldn't pay claiming poor maintenance!
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Originally Posted by Lorne Greene View Post
problem is, its in the trap and I really don't want to cut the ceiling on the floor below out.

Yeah but...
Down here everything is on a slab foundation and the fix is magnitudes more difficult.
First you make a roux, then go rent a jackhammer for the day.
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Follow up , what didja do ?
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Use the other shower....
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Originally Posted by billinstuart View Post
Speak English???
Me speaky English muy bueno.... It was not in Miami - I had my head up my azz - we partying too hard
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Originally Posted by normsworld View Post
Follow up , what didja do ?
nothing yet. I have been slammed. Our house has four bathrooms and this was part of a remodel so it’s not a huge deal right now. Off to Austin so maybe when I get back I’ll do something. I did buy the muritoic acid though.
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