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Carpet or Tile ?

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that looks like it was expensive.

As for the house, throw down some area rugs for the showing and list a flooring allowance.

Better yet seek advice from your realtor, I assume they would know the market better.
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Faced the same scenario last year. I used an 18” rotary buffer with a green pad then BONA gloss polish. It came out more than acceptable.
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If I was buying a house in that price range, tile or wood would have to be exactly what I want as removal and replacement can be quite involved. If the carpet looks decent I know I can have it redone and the tear out cost is basically zero. I would do carpet or nothing.

how do you destroy wood floors in bedrooms? Pretty low traffic area.
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Originally Posted by OldPete View Post
3) Not sure why there would be engineered wood in a 900k house... but I'll leave that one alone.
Real wood does not install well on a slab. Has to be glued, and all slabs hold moisture.
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Originally Posted by THT Mod 7 View Post
IMO opinion, anything you do, may not be of the quality and/or taste of a prospective buyer. Perhaps reflect it in the listing? leave as is and list a "flooring allowance" in the price. this way the buyer can choose what they want.
is it a sign of the apocalypse if I agree with mod 7?
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Neutral tile.
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Originally Posted by triplenet View Post
Finally selling my former primary residence I own with the ex wife ..... Last mutually owned asset

The wood floors in all 5 bedrooms are shot..... What do you guys think = Tile or Carpet ?

Its a large home in the 900k price range ....

Curious what THT thinks .... Thanks
Where you are I would do tile but just not square tile set in a square pattern. I hate that look.
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