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Would this piss you off?

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Originally Posted by meritmat View Post
Hehe life was so much simpler before we all got Bitches!!

no kidding, I remember a lot of trips to the beach when after a few too many my "room" was the bed of my truck on the side of a road.
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Originally Posted by NCSUboater View Post
Kinda where I'm at. The guys I give a pass because we are generally pretty oblivious to this stuff. But these women's you know are well aware...
Not worth the bag drill

Bow out with apologies, pony up your share and take away what you want to about the group!
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^Somebody arrived "fashionably late" to this party.
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Originally Posted by Kenny Powers View Post
^Somebody arrived "fashionably late" to this party.

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Man I got a friend with a keys home on the water. When we didn't have our son, the wife and I would sleep in a walk in closet that was converted into a bedroom with toddler bunk beds. It was literally, open door. 6x3 feet of walking room forward and bunks to the right. I didn't care. Now last time, we got that same room after I told him to give us the 2nd bedroom because of the pack and play. His wife have her sister, son (13), and BF the 2nd bedroom. So we were stuck in the closet room again. So now imagine that same 6x3 walking space, with a pack and play. It now became a 3x3. Enough for the door to open and not hit the pack and play, turn, get in bed.

And without any remorse, my friend has asked me multiple times to come down after that. First question, who is going? All friends no family, I know they will give us the 2nd room. Family going? I need you to tell me I can get the 2nd room. Can't gimme a solid answer? No problem. Ill pass till next time. No hard feelings.

Bottom line, can't accommodate my family comfortably? Pass.
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WoW I can sure relate to "Hens" My friend is constantly mistreated by the "Clicque's" Hens :-( They mess with his money
his food . And blame him when he reveals the truth about their misdeeds .
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Thanks Jos'e stop in for a beer ...
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