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Career Change

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I'm burned out also. Not on the work as much as people's ridiculous BS.

Wonder what piano playing in a brothel pays?
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Originally Posted by JCC123 View Post
I needed a career change and decided to try man whoring.
Stiff competetion in that field.
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Originally Posted by KIMDer View Post

Sorry for my opinion here, but your nuts. Never leave a job unless you have a replacement lined up or you are returning.
I have offers on the table already, and plenty of cushion. Like I said, be diligent in your decision.

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Have you tried unplugging it to see if that fixes the problem?

For that length of time, you must have a decent network of peers. Reach out to some of them, maybe consult.
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Originally Posted by raystein View Post
I'm burned out also. Not on the work as much as people's ridiculous BS.

Wonder what piano playing in a brothel pays?
Flute playing likely pays more.

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Originally Posted by Brad1 View Post
Stiff competetion in that field.
You're better than that.
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Originally Posted by Lorne Greene View Post
How much do you know about DevOps and Storage systems?
DevOps yes. Mostly in large organizations. Storage solutions not that much. Did you have something in mind?
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Originally Posted by wdkerek View Post
burn out is experienced in all fields of work......................
Red tape, corporate abhorrence and capriciousness has infiltrated every W2 earners job in America.

If I had the stones to make a change (and I don't) I would start my own company.
Yep - me too....
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I might as well jump on this boat.
20 plus years in IT and can't wait to be done with it.
Between the red tape, audits, and regulations it's tough to get anything done these days.
Money is 2 good and college is Farking expensive so I'll be here.
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Professionally in software 20 years for me shortly, though I typed my first "code" back in late 80's in 6th grade on Apple IIE, but yeah, go build a kids game or something fun part time. It could provide revenue then put more time into that and do corp IT part time at a big rate to make it worth your while? When infosec says I have to jump through 100 hoops, I just see dollar signs by the hour. Sure, you could do all those, but some are pointless because its already running in your datacenter where no one can even get to it, but hey if you want to dot your i's, we can do that. I have my own company, can do whatever whenever to a point.
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I moved from engineering (nuclear power plant) to IT (software development Project Management office) to insurance company director of product development and management. Three major career changes. Now retired. Each of those "careers" had the same corporate politics that were tiresome. All were Fortune 100 companies.

Companies value problem solvers with a work ethic that can get along with others. Look at the skills you apply to your current job--it's the skills that you emphasize in your resume. The skills are fungible--they apply to any job. e.g., Project Management, Financial Analysis, Business Systems Management, Leadership, Mentoring, Integrative thinking, Marketing, Competitive analysis, product positioning, etc.

If you think in those terms, the domain of possible careers opens up quite a bit.
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IT is nice because you can work remotely.

I have dreamed about living in Key West and working out of my home. Maybe that is the ticket for you.
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I can see how IT people can get burned out on ignoring all of my service requests even though I mark every single one of the as urgent.

Just kidding.

I'm happy in my current role at a 100,000+ corporation. The red tape isn't too overbearing since I'm on a very small team, but it's still there.

I don't see myself retiring as an engineer though.
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Originally Posted by fudgeythewhaler View Post
Long time reader. Infrequent poster here. Lots of good advice on this forum so I figured why not solicit some for myself.

Been in IT 25+ years on the software side. Been an independent contractor for 20 of those years and have become burnt out from the corporate life.

Not afraid of a days work. Being in one thing for so long creates a myopic view when trying to determine next move.

Any THT"s been in IT for that long and made a transition to something new?

Open to any suggestions. Have at it.
A coworker that retired when I did had a side biz building model airplane kits. Probably made more when he went to building model plane kits full time (post retirement) than he did working at the job. We can all guess and give suggestions but none of it matters. What matters is what "you want to do." What's the dream?? Even if it has zero to do with software or tech.

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I was an IT middle manager in financial services for 22 years. I moved in to a senior individual contributor role in project management within the life sciences field 8 years ago and could not be happier. I spent 4 years at a large life science company and the past 4 years with a small privately held consulting firm that provides services to pharma and biotech. I love being a revenue generating part of the company after a career of always being a cost center. I've since been told it's rare to make that type of transition but I wouldn't hesitate to try.

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