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Tired of cleaning?

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Originally Posted by Striper In View Post
Non-Skid Deck Cleaner

I use this and love it.
Spray water, sprinkle Starbrite around, brush.
Let it sit while you enjoy a rum & coke.
Spray it down. Shine.

It's (good) not great and will not get every stain. Great for boats that have some time behind them. Wouldn't rush out to apply this or other caustic chemmis to any new(er) boat deck since these agents within these cleaning products clean okay but soften pours of gelcoat as they work opening the pours to more surficants that appear as stains. It is a viscous cycle.

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What about this stuff?
I'm looking to make my cleaning easier and faster.

Non-Skid Deck Wax
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Originally Posted by Redwine View Post
What about this stuff?
I'm looking to make my cleaning easier and faster.

Non-Skid Deck Wax
I don't know if this is repackaged Woody Wax or not.....lot's of discussion about Woody Wax on this forum. Some swear it's like tears from God or something, I've used it several times and I don't think it does anything. I never tried the stuff you posted the link about.
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Start by investing in a $100 ac pressure washer. Just using the soap spray adapter with boat soap and then the wash head all but the worst stains are removed. After that I use nothing but some diluted bleach and bar keepers (separately) For the outside of my hull that gets stained over time i use valspar wood prep in a spray bottle. 2 quarts max and the hull is white as snow. Takes all of 15 minutes for a 35’ hull. Both bar keepers and the wood prep are oxalic acid which is harmless to fiberglass and stainless. Much safer than muriatic.
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I use a 2700 psi pressure washer with a 15* tip. Haven't found a stain yet it couldn't tackle. No brushes, soaps, or detergents needed, 20 minutes and the deck is clean.
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I have been applying wax to hull in the spring. I wash after each outing using car soap. Lots of work. Ugh.
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I deep clean after every time I use the boat. I pull the hose out and rise everything off. I don't care if the hose leaves dirt on the cap after rinsing the top sides. I'll deep clean that after pulling the dirty hose off.
Then I coil the hose and go inside and make a cold drink.
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You can own stuff or your stuff can own you. It's your decision.
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Great responses and tips! I think I'm going to reassess my cleaning situation, maybe I'll set a time limit. I put woody wax on the nonskid too, hopefully that helps. A couple of weeks ago I also used my pressure washer and it attracted all of the love bugs in the county to my boat lol
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I use dawn and a brush after each outing and pressure wash once a year. A little dirt doesn’t hurt a boat but the sun does. I think keeping a boat covered either with a custom cover or garage does more to keep the gelcoat looking nice over the years.
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Originally Posted by jobowker View Post
You can own stuff or your stuff can own you. It's your decision.

I get this wholeheartedly. At the same time, I clean my truck and I also don’t like a dirty house.

A clean boat, for me, makes finding issues easier. I look the boat all over a lot and spot things as I clean. It has a lot to do with pride of ownership as well. Why let an asset that can cost so much money deteriorate?

Every used boat we have ever owned has been in better shape after years of use than when we bought it and the new boats look, well, like new. It has helped sell more than a few boats of ours at a premium dollar, with the exception of our Viking but thats another story.

I call it a labor of love
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One of the joys of down grading from a 37' to a 27', I am beyond anal and was spending more time cleaning my boat than enjoying but now that I have a single 27' it is EZPZ. I clean the boat before I go out and also when I return. Not to mention I have it detailed every 3 months.
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I’m going with the “professional detailed” plan this year. A quick rinse and flush after every run and that’s it. I’m way too damn busy and when I have boat time I want to run it!
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I rinse my boat after every trip. I use Starbrite Non Skid deck cleaner if it needs a scrub. Every few weeks I give it a quick detail myself where I spray wax the metal and flat gel coat surfaces like sides of console, etc. This makes most blood, dirt, etc just rinse off.
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I wash the entire boat down after every use unless it's in the water, then I only do a freshwater rinse /scrub above the waterline. I also keep an extending pole and brushes on board and I wash off any stains that I see as they happen blood/guts/etc.
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I may have missed it but here's your solution going forward:

Do what everyone said to get the deck clean.

Then apply this with a clean wet scrub brush to the deck after every wash.

Woody Wax Brushes, Gloves, And Applicator Kits

So clean your deck with cleaner. Then while the deck is still wet, spray this over the deck and swish around with a scrub brush. DO NOT RINSE.

It puts a wax on your deck that dries non slippery so the stains don't stick going forward.
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Starbrite Non-Skid Deck cleaner - I use it in a spray bottle and spot clean. It goes a lot further.
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get a electric power washer, For years I scrubbed my non-skid, changed my life once I get the electric pw, oh and I could hold a beer in one hand while cleaning up the boat
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