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fjmaverick 05-20-2019 08:46 PM

Originally Posted by GaryDoug (Post 12546332)
Do you still have the product key? Perhaps in an old email? If you do, you may be able to get a copy of the installation file and use the key.

Chatting with support they will give you a link to the old copy but you need the key to
1. Activate it
2. Keys are specific to the version be it professional or home (prob 6-8 versions out there of 2010)

YeOldeStonecat 05-21-2019 05:05 AM

Originally Posted by HDRyder999 (Post 12545131)
Since you mentioned your computer is new, I'm guessing it's running Windows 10. If that's the case, you can click on the Start button, Windows accessories, Word Pad and use Word Pad to access your Microsoft Word documents for free. If you want to do word processing Word Pad is probably not sophisticated enough.

This is my first "go-to".
"Wordpad" has been built into Windows since Windows 95....I think even Windows 3.
It does enough document typing/editing for >75% of the stuff people do. Yeah it's missing advanced features/bells/whistles that full blown Word has...but, for most of's more than capable.
And like I said, already built into Windows.
Hit your Windows the R button..brings up the Run box..type in Wordpad. Try it.

Have a Google account? Use Google versions (run through your browser) of a document editor, spreadsheet , et.
Have a Microsoft account that's not O365? Like mentioned above..same thing as Googles online account...Word/Excel/etc just run through your browser, don't need the fat app installed locally.

Or use 3rd party free stuff and deal with a little ad-nag ware....Libre Office, Star Office, Open Office, WPS, etc.

A lot of peoples panties get twisted up with paying for services like Office 365. They mis understand what the entire service actually is. When you consider you can install the product on up to 5 computers of yours, always get the latest version of products as they're released, files are backed up (or entirely stored) in the cloud, versioning...over 250 versions of files, accessible from any computer and nearly any operating system, everything accessible from a browser, no need to backup, no need to pay a computer tech to try to recover files from a crashed computer, no need to pay a tech to transfer files from old computer to new computer, able to send links of large files too large to send in an email, no need to purchase external USB drives to do sneaker-net backups and deal with them or pay for 3rd party offsite backups,'s a whole suite of products in a service, for many...well worth the peace of mind, ease of use, etc.

mystery 05-21-2019 05:25 AM

Home Use Porgram or HUP through your employer , wifes employer, or friend. usually $10-20 for an owned version of office 2016/2019

There are other resellers that sell office online, check reddit, ebay, etc

gfretwell 05-21-2019 06:56 AM

Originally Posted by flcatcher1 (Post 12545725)
I have the same disk which was on my old computer. When I bought my new computer with windows 10 it loaded easily and runs well - 2007 MS office appears to be fully compatible with Windows 10 from my personal experience. Can't say if others have had issues. No annual subscription. I do believe that MS no longer supplies support for this "antiquated" software which means no upgrades. I don't have any issues with that however.

I still get office updates on my 2007 version. Since I am still running XP it is the only updates I get, except that remote console thing a few weeks ago.

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