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Carpenter Bees

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We have them too. They are boarding holes in my trellis and deck railing. Buying this.

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Originally Posted by magua View Post
Got a wood rack next to the house and for the first time in 10 years these frickin bees are tunneling into the wood I use at the outdoor fireplace. Really don't care about the wood in the rack, just don't want them burrowing into any part of the wood trim on the house. Strange lil creatures in that they burrow in about an inch or so then tunnel outwards within the wood. Would like to tarp the racks and fumigate the barstards to save the wood. Wifey wants to get rid of the wood but there is good stack of wood there and don't know how I could heave hoe that much wood on the service that picks the trash up. Thought about burning the wood systematically but seems like a waste.

Anyone dealt with these critters before.
Once had a HUGE pile of old torn out NJ Boardwalk we had just replaced. Called the local newspaper who put headline & photo on front page; FREE FIRE WOOD. Within a couple hours of the paper hitting the stands there was a line of pick up trucks & trailers that stretched for several blocks, and then it was all gone.
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Originally Posted by Fisher-Price View Post


I wish I could get away with using that method at my house. Certainly looks like the way to go.
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I have a log cabin on wooded property and these things have been a nightmare. The woodpeckers go after the larvae and when the bees first invaded I literally thought somebody sprayed the side of my cabin with .00 buckshot because the effect is the same. Have the traps and used Delta dust, but that stuff is nasty and a mask and gloves are needed. I'm going to try Back in Black's Corrosion X next. A badminton racket also works, but is more for personal gratification than an actual solution . The only thing worse is the Asian Lady Bug invasion in the fall, but will save that for a separate thread (also very hard to kill).
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Better living through chemistry. "Viper" is the product you need. Get it at the DIY pest control place.
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Put a trap up last year didn't catch a one. Did a bit of Google research and found 2 suggestions that work. Place a bit of honey in the jar to attract the bees. And leave the dead ones in the jar. Seems like both attract other bees. Bet I have a dozen dead ones in there now.
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I made my own traps out of white pine and a mason jar. Works great, made 6 for what it would’ve cost to buy one, as said above 3/8ths hole.
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You want to get rid of Carpenter Bees, read the following tutorials:

This guy has tutorials on getting rid over 150 bugs and critters. All the information is the correct way to rid yourself of pests--written by an ex pest control man who sells the real traps and substances to kill just about anything. Pest control companies don't begin to use the products in his store.
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Laugh, but it works. I used peppermint concentrate, add about 15 drops to a pint spray bottle. Works great for when I had to repair a roof on the barn, kept all the bee's from landing. I then spray the holes with carb cleaner (does not hurt wood). Carpenter bee's gone. Thing that sucks was it also kept away the fire flies, I could literally see where I sprayed peppermint!
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I bought one of the bees traps a week ago. Not a single
bee caught as of 1:30 today. When my brother-in-law came over for lunch
today he told me we had to put a carpenter bee in it and hang it
so it would attract other bees. My son killed one and put it in the
jar. We placed it on top of the railing now we have four in it. Simply

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I moved my boat for the first time last week and saw some sawdust underneath it. One of the fuckers burrowed into a bunk. Hopefully he drowned when I put the boat in the water.
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Biffen XT
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You really don't want to kill them. There is a very easy solution and it's worked for me. Add some softer wood near your wood pile. I have hardwood acacia, some oak and mesquite for BBQ, firepit and such. They don't touch it because I put a bottle tree stump I cut down next to the woodpile. That's the one they bore into because it's a much softer wood (and doesn't burn for crap anyway). I also have several gardens, so I want them around as pollinators.
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These suckers are in my boat shed and leave saw dust in my boat!
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