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question your dentist...

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Default question your dentist...

I had a similar experience. I had a dentist tell me I had 15 cavities that needed filling. Had all that work done... and with my new dentist, I haven't had a cavity in 12 years. Article also says that adults only need to see the dentist every 12 to 18 months.

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I saw that. I hope he gets sued into bankruptcy with nothing left.
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I'm dealing with this right now. Dentist of nearly 20 years told me I had a cavity over two years ago. I simply didn't believe it, and haven't gone back. The tooth where the supposed cavity was is doing just fine, with zero pan or weakness.

Finally went to a new dentist and had X-rays and cleaning, and she didn't mention the "cavity" at all!

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My dentist has been telling me I've needed a crown on one of my teeth for the past 10 years....I keep putting it off. He says the amalgam filling is causing the tooth to have hairline cracks. When it starts hurting, I'll get it done.
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Originally Posted by Claim View Post
When it starts hurting, I'll get it done.
this. i havent been to a dentist in years. floss, brush, and mouthwash twice daily and haven't had an issue. I'm also convinced that cocktails, if made strong enough, are basically mouthwash so it may be more like mouthwash 6-8 times daily.
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This is a sore subject with me. My old dentist put a cap on a tooth that needed a root canal. While he was caving out my head, I asked him if the tooth should just get a root canal and he told me NO... The key here is that he is NOT allowed to do root canals but he wanted to get $$$ because he has 3 daughters in college. The pain and pressure I experienced almost killed me. I had to go to get a root canal on a tooth with a cap !. The root canal specialist looked in my mouth and shook his head and said " Who did this to you".... I should have sued and owned the guys house......
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Got a tooth in the back of my mouth pulled many years ago. Fast forward to last year, I go to a dentist for a routine cleaning, and all he did was try to sell me on getting an
First his assistant, then him, then the secretary. At one point he told me he had a "friend" in the business and could get me a good price, and that if I did not
get the implant me teeth would eventually grow together.
I told him I will be loooong dead before that ever happens, and take your implant and shove it up your ass.
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Sitting In a dentist chair is like dropping your car off at the dealership for the "free" 85 point inspection...........Guaranfreakingteed he will find something that requires extensive work.

I've never met a dentist I trusted.
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Guess I'm lucky... My dentist is AWESOME. Has said before invisalign is an option and he could get me set up, but if it were him he wouldn't bother. Also asked if I drank coffee. I said yes. He said don't bother with his whitening procedure.

ive been going for 3 years. Prior to that, I hadn't been in TEN YEARS. Told him this, and he gave me zero crap about it. Said it doesn't matter now, let's just get it fixed. I was lucky and only need debriding/deep cleaning. Took 3 appointments and he never tried to upsell. I won't say it was fun but it wasn't bad compared to what I was reading.

now its every 6 months on the dot. I always have a lot of buildup but no cavities. He said...don't change a thing.
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I very thoroughly brush my teeth once a day in the morning. I use a hard bristle tooth brush and use gentle pressure. I never floss. I never have plaque, no receding gums and no cavities. The last time I went to the dentist I told him my regimen and asked him how my teeth were and he said he would go broke if all his patients teeth were like mine.
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I am fortunate, have no cavities, so visit the dentist very infrequently. Since the last time I went, we have moved, so found a new one. After the exam, he provided an estimate for cleaning that came in at more than $2000, and tried to sell me on straightening, whitening, and anything else he could think of. I have dental insurance, but it will pay only about 15% of that total, so it looks like I’ll be waiting a little longer for the next cleaning, that is, until I find another dentist. What a racket!
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I love it when they take the pointed tool thing and press on an old filling as hard as they can. Then they tell you the old filling is getting soft. Its all BS. 25 years ago I went to a dentist that had a 2 chair office. He decided to go high tech and built a new office in a new building that had at least 6 chairs and a massive waiting area. I called to cancel and appointment a week ahead of time and the receptionist says to me," We need to know WHY you are cancelling" I'm giving you a weeks notice and you are going to question me ? Never went back.
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A lot of tooth related issues are hereditary / genetics related. So for those that brush once a day / never floss, etc., you're probably genetically "lucky".

But your breath must be gross.

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I'm good, never had a cavity.
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Originally Posted by John_Madison CT View Post
Sitting In a dentist chair is like dropping your car off at the dealership for the "free" 85 point inspection...........Guaranfreakingteed he will find something that requires extensive work.

I've never met a dentist I trusted.
Exactly. Why do you think most dentists are only open 3, 4 days max....
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i have family/friends in the business and will only let them touch my mouth after a bad experience

one of them has actually testified against another dentist in a similar case of unnecessary procedures

years ago i visited one of the top rated and most popular dental practices in NYC. during the first visit they claimed i had a few problems and needed this and that. i said hold on, let me call my family member who is a dentist. they immediately then said actually i dont really need it. i had many friends/colleagues going to this practice and told them all to be careful. i heard some be told they had cavities and then they got a second opinion and magically had none.

like most doctors, always question, do due diligence, and dont be afraid to get second opinions. a good number of my friends are docs so its easy to get second opinions and referrals to trusted docs but many dont have that.
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Back in 2005 we moved to Ocean Beach near San Diego. Started going to a new dentist there. Took my teenage daughter in an he used this laser pencil device and said she needed 10 fillings.

Decided to try try a different local Dentist not far away. Jim Jones, DDS. He looked at my daughter and said her teeth were fine. Hes been our family dentist for about 13 years and only filled one tooth on my daughter. Jim runs an honest practice and I think very highly of him and his staff. I would recommend SeaSide Dentistry and Jim Jones to everyone.
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Default Dentists

This seems to be a very common issue. I switched dentists many years ago. I really liked the new guy. Very good with the needle. Had bad experiences with two earlier dentists.
The problem has been, that every year for the past 5 years, I end up spending 2 grand out of pocket on top of my dental insurance, which allows me $1500.00. I go every 6 months for scheduled cleanings, which are free. He always is able to find 2 root canal jobs with crowns per year resulting in at least 2 grand out of my pocket.
I ask him if he could just do a bonding or a filling, like the old days. He always has a sales talk .
My old silver fillings that lasted almost 40 years worked Great ! He has found a way to remove All my silver fillings, which were drilled by a " Dry Drill ", if anyone can relate to that. There was absolutely No Novocain administered for a cavity back then.
One morning , I got the first appointment, and saw the daily sheet from the previous day. It was laying on the counter with nobody around except me. The goal for that day was $10,000.00. ! The actual count for that day was over $13,000.00 !! There were 4 additional employees plus a single dentist. I'm figuring about $3000.00 which is very generous for wages, rent, etc. . I'm sure insurance is a bit high, but I believe it can be included in that $3000.00 daily expense money. That leaves $10,000.00 net profit for the day. If you do that 5 days per week, you have $15,000.00 , per week ! If you give him 4 weeks vacation per year, it still gives him $480,000.00 per year.
He does have to pay taxes on that, just like all the rest of us . I now understand why he wants to do 2 root canals plus crowns per year. That Porsche he drives should be lent out to his patients who paid for it.
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My dentist keeps getting bigger & bigger. Just him to begin with, then his daughter later has now hired another. Has TV commercials now & it seems like a circus when I go there with all the hygienist, office workers, consultants running around & even his wife. Keeps finding something different every time I go there to work on & keeps pushing laser cleaning & such. I'm keep stalling as nothing is bothering me. Lots of overhead & payrolls to meet seems to be what is driving his business
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I was told 9 years ago I needed to see an oral surgeon over a loose tooth. I was in luck because they partnered with one on the floor above. I said no thanks lol.

just remember people its not dentists. People call me an ambulance chaser, but Ill take that over what some of theee MDs do
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