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question your dentist...

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Update on my crush on my dentist. My wife has a crush on her, too.

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Originally Posted by TonyStark View Post
Wow.... I read the whole thread....All your posts confirm my concerns and reluctance over the years. It seems costs and greed are compounding the issue. Many of you write about a good dentist retiring and a greedy one taking their place...

Is it a generational thing? Did people used to get in the profession to help others and now it's all about money? Perhaps the dentist retiring sold the practice at such a high price the new owners need to charge these exurbanite rates and find procedures that you might be able to do without?

All I know is, it doesn't seem to be going in the right direction.

If anyone knows of a good one in the Annapolis area, let me know.
Call the office and ask them if they will do a cleaning without all the other stuff. Be upfront. You just want a cleaning. If they insist on an exam as well, it shouldn't be more than $50-60. + the cleaning.

If they insist on x-rays and that they may have to do "other things"... just walk away. We found our new dentist, through a THT'er and couldn't be happier. You sit in the chair, lady cleans your teeth and doesn't let you off the chair until YOU look in the mirror and YOU don't see anymore crap along the gum lines, etc.

Our old dentist... I went in for a cleaning, they walked up to my chair with a "Proposal" of the work they wanted to do. $2400.00.

I told them I left my wallet in the car, got up, walked out... never went back.
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Originally Posted by Incisor1 View Post
As a dentist, I will agree that we have some unscrupulous people in our profession. ( as in many professions) I canít tell you how many times Iíve given second opinions for people who have been given extensive treatment plans for work that did not need to be done. Most of these in my town come from corporate type offices that have quotas and require the dentist to produce high dollar production each day. When these docís leave the corporate setting they pick up right where they left off. As for the dentist in the article who prescribed all these root canals and crowns etc..... he is simply a thief, pure and simple. Now, in my office if you need a crown for a broken tooth and you donít want one..... fine no problem. Itís my job to diagnose and give sound treatment advice whether you do the prescibed treatment or not, I could care less. I sleep like a baby at night ....
Name checks out.
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Originally Posted by MaddMac View Post
I was 18 and referred to an oral surgeon to look at my wisdom teeth...Was told they needed to come out or they would start causing problems. Procedure was going to be $1,200 out of pocket..I'm 35, different dentist first cavity was @ 30..still have my wisdom teeth.. I trust my current but none of the others in our area..
Hah. I had the exact same thing happen to me when I was 16. When I was in my teens everyone had their wisdom teeth pulled as a matter or course. No questions asked, every kid I knew had to go through it it seemed. At the first dentist appointment I ever drove myself to, my dentist said I had to get my wisdom teeth taken out and made a referral to the oral surgeon. I didnít tell my parents and I threw the paperwork away, no doubt my parents would have made me do it. Never went back and never saw another dentist until a couple years ago when I became fishing buddies with a dentist in my new home town. I told him the story, he said with my insurance I was wasting opportunities to get my teeth checked out for free every year (or 6 months, canít remember which) and I could have some bad stuff going on if I havenít been checked out in 17 years. So I got self conscious, one night I looked at my teeth real close, and saw something black on one of my molars. Thought oh crap this might be a cavity that has been eating at my teeth for years. So I made an appointment to go see my buddy. I showed him what I was concerned about, he laughed at me and said that is a filling from long time ago (The one and only cavity i had in my life when I was a very young kid), and that my teeth look fine. He also said the wisdom teeth looked like they came in fine. Thankfully he is an honest dentist. I thanked him and told him I would see him in another 17 years. Iím 35 and have only been to the dentist that one time in the last almost 20 years. By typing this I am probably jinxing myself into developing some terrible tooth problem, but knock on wood, staying away from the dentist has served me well.
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Like any other profession there are those with integrity and those without. And those customers who take responsibility for their lives (as in refusing to be victims) and those who don't.
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When I owned my it business I had some dentists as customers and while I was in the back working on a server they would come back there and discuss what they could up sell the patients I have heard them trying to make stuff up to sell them. Shady if you ask me, but they always paid on time.
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