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Originally Posted by Schmaltz~Herring View Post

Thank you Schmaltz~Herring

First, we hope and pray for everyone's safety through this storm. We hope everyone had time to prepare themselves, their families, and their property as best they could. Should you have damage to a vessel we insure for you however, please contact our office as soon as you are safely able to do so and report your damage so we may assist. Your safety and the safety of your family is priority however.

Referring to this particular thread above, Charter Lakes is an insurance agency, we are not the insuring company. We represent about 12 insurance companies and their products. Every insurance policy is different and may contain a higher named storm damage hull deducible, but some may not depending on the size and location of your vessel. In addition some policies may have a haul-out requirement for a named storm depending on the size of the vessel and its location, but some do not.

If you chose to purchase a policy that we quoted with a haul-out requirement, it would have been notified to you in the insurance proposal that a haul out is required and you would have submitted a signed severe storm plan for underwriting review. You would have also signed a haul-out acknowledgment form acknowledging that you understand that with this policy the vessel is required to be hauled for a named storm and secured ashore as you indicated on your storm plan, or hauled inland to safety if your intended plan could not be followed. There are no hidden surprises in the fine print. The main point is to haul the vessel out of the water, and secure it on land as best as possible. As long as you hauled it ashore and did your best to secure it from damage by the best means available to you, that is what the haul out warranty requires. We will work with you as our client and with the insurance carrier to ensure fair practices.

If you have any questions regarding your particular policy you have insured through us for your boat, it is best to please contact your agent or our servicing staff at 800-879-2248.

Again, we stand ready to service all our clients through these storms and we have our claims team here should you need us.

Thank you
Charter Lakes Marine Insurance
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