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Default The right boat for the job

Hey guys and girls

One thing we see a lot of is boat owners requesting offshore navigation limits that push the limits of the boat they own. Each boat is uniquely designed for a specific purpose and for operating on specific waters.

Asking to go 100 miles offshore New England to the Canyons or in the Gulf of Mexico on a 22' single engine Bay Boat is just asking for trouble even on what appears to be a clear calm day. The NE Atlantic can be some of the most dangerous offshore waters in the country and the weather can change quickly. The Gulf of MX waters may not get deep until 50 miles offshore, but if you have a mechanical failure or hit a submerged object and take out your only outdrive, getting assistance to you takes a long time when your that far out.

Most boat insurance carriers will not offer Bahamas coverage for boats under 27' with single engines for obvious reasons. Those waters between point A and B can be very unpredictable.

Also, taking a pontoon boat out offshore in most of the Great Lakes (especially with kids on board) is just not a good idea. Yet we see it all the time.

The point is, pick the right boat for the job! Your life and the lives of your passengers may depend on it.

Take care out there
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