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SST where do yall get them

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Default SST where do yall get them

I keep checking but the SST are never clear and always broke up...

where else should I look?
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I subscribe to Terrafin, but thinking of going over to Ripcharts.
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Windy is pretty decent too.,33.880,-74.971,7
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Ripcharts, THT member South Bound is a great help with questions
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Ripcharts here too.
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Ripcharts for the past year. Been mostly happy. My biggest issue with them is the raw data SST charts take a while to show up on the app/website. I understand the analyzed one but not sure why the delay on the raw data. Many times I go to Rutgers and see the latest SST there so it is available just not on Ripcharts. Other than that the Android app is great.

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Rip Charts
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hilton charts in my area, not sure about up there
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Ripcharts is wonderful.
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Recently subscribed to Ripcharts. Loving it. Easy to use and learning alot.
It would be cool to take a given day, post SST, chlorophyll, altimetry etc data and everyone post where they would fish and why. Would be a great learning tool.
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Hilton's for me.
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I had Hilton's this past year, and when it wasn't cloudy it was accurate(It was way too cloud sensitive). I think I will try something different. Hilton's system was quirky, outdated and more expensive than the others. I think I'll try ripcharts this year.
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I use Fishtrack, seems to be pretty good and will give you a cloudfree SST forecast model based on their available SST images, currents, etc... they also give you forecast weather and have some of the more popular spots, big rock, rise, etc... so you have a reference point instead of trying to get close with LAT/LONG coordinates.

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Seaview on for me. Have had Hiltons in past along with Seaview and Seaview was more accurate to the conditions we have found.
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Default RipCharts

Hey guys, thanks to everyone that has experienced and recommended RipCharts. We do appreciate your support. I'd like to give everyone else a couple highlights of our service, as we'd like the opportunity to earn your business this season if you are considering a satellite service. Our website and mobile apps are the most popular features of RipCharts. We've been working on the mobile apps (Android and iOS) without pause since 2015, and we are still actively developing more features, capabilities, and making improvements/fixes along the way. Many of the capabilities and datasets are unmatched in the industry. Our servers consume and process Terabytes of data each month - needless to say we offer a full compliment of satellite data products.

Some of the key mobile app features include:
1. Very deep zoom capability
2. Easily measure distances and headings between points
3. Dynamically customize temp/color ranges on SST maps to identify subtle breaks <-- this is extremely helpful
4. Overlay bathymetry, altimetry, currents, and Loran layers
5. Tap the map to receive instant point information (lat, lon, depth, SST, altimetry, currents)
6. Popular waypoints and fishing hotspots come pre-loaded
7. Add your own personal waypoints
8. Save waypoints and satellite imagery to your device for use offline/offshore
9. Show your position and navigate on saved imagery using GPS satellites (don't need wifi or cell towers)
10. "Go Here" navigation with bearing, ETA, and speed displays
11. 3D point of view perspective

In addition to technology, we've also added more support capacity to the RipCharts team with a new staff member, Haden. If you'd like some consultation on the service, help on how to use some features, or would like a temporary trial to kick the tires or compare RipCharts to the service that you currently have, definitely reach out by email or phone, RipCharts Contact Us . Haden will also be monitoring topics and providing assistance here on THT as needed.

Below are some recent satellite samples that show the capabilities of the RipCharts mobile app
1. True Color
2. Customized SST, tilted in 3D perspective
3. Chlorophyll with bathy lines layer turned on and distance tool measurement
4. Customized SST (2D view)

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Hey Chris at RipCharts
Love your service, my first year using it and have found it to be much more user friendly and help full then other sits I have used in the pass. I do find my self looking at the Rutgers sst site right before heading out on a trip to look a the newest shots , if not cloudy, and then to RipCharts to see if the same shots have been put on the sit yet. And some times y’all seem to lag behind a few hours. Other than that I love the service.
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I’ll take a look at the timing. We typicallly have maps published a few minutes after they are available via NOAA receiving tower in Miami. Rutgers obviously is a privately funded institution with its own receiving tower and processing facility. It is also at a higher latitude which means a satellite with a descending orbit will cross Rutgers tower before Miami. I suspect these factors could influence the timing differences.
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