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Default What to do by boat around Beaufort, NC?

We are bringing our boat to Beaufort, NC this week and wanted to see what you would recommend we do by boat? We do plan to go out to Cape Lookout one day but need some other suggestions to fill up the rest of the week. We are in a 22' Hurricane Deck Boat and we love to fish, pull up on the beach to eat and relax and explore new towns.

Is it possible to run up to Ocracoke on the back side of the outer banks and if so, how long would that take?

Any recommendations on going to Swansboro or that area?

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
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Too much skinny water to run up Core Sound unless you have local knowledge.
Getting across the Pamlico could be difficult as well if you made it that far. But.... you could go up Adam's Creek and go that route. That would be a nice little cruise in itself even if go you up turn around and come back without crossing the Pamlico. I would say go to Shack or Cape Lookout you will want to go back. Several little islands to explore around Beaufort. You could cruise down towards Bogue and explore that area and Swansboro is doable too. Fish in or around the turning basin or any of the above mentioned places. Good half day to be had at Fort Macon if the family hasn't been thats terrestrial though.
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Beaching by boat is the thing to do around Beaufort, there are many different areas you can beach depending on what you want to do, Sight see, fish, swim or people watch. Going to Lookout to go up in the lighthouse and do the tour is a one day event but we just love to go over and beach. Where we set up depends on the wind and waves and who goes with us. If there is a good chance of a pop up storm we generally go to the lighthouse beach because with the kids we could just hide out under the shelters until it passes. My favorite spot is on the south face of shack near the hook but that is it a good spot if there is a strong SW wind. Shark island is an excellent place to beach and shell but can only be accessed on very calm days and you must be able to read the water, there is no channel markers or chart to go by and it chan change from one week to the next.

You can ride to Ocracoke but it's not something you would want to do on a deckboat on anything but the most perfect of days even a 15knt wind would not be pleasant if you had to head directly into it for 30+ miles.
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Make a day trip to Oriental and New Bern. Shack beach, Cape LookOut, Sand Dollar Island, Swansboro and Shark Island. That makes 7 day trips.
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I'd echo heading up Adams Creek, and stop by the Jarrett Bay complex while you're there. They have a pretty good retail store for boat building stuff, and a great marine surplus store. It's honestly worth it just for the eye candy sitting around the yard, to include their new 90 footer.

Not sure what the protocol is for arriving by water, but it's worth a phone call to get permission to tie up to the dock outside of Bluewater Yacht Sales and looking around the place.
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Sorted by distance from Beaufort:

Sand Dollar Island

Shackleford Banks west end

CLO - deserves a dedicated day trip.

Fishing in the MHC basin/coast guard area

MHC waterfront for lunch/dinner

Go around both ends of radio island on your way to/from MHC

Chasin' Tails in AB accessible by canal

Atlantic Beach Sandbars / Hoop Pole Creek

Salter Path - Crab Shack

Bogue Inlet / Bear Island

Swansboro - several restaurants
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Dock it at the waterfront and have a great meal at Beaufort Grocery!
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Thanks everyone for the tips, I especially want to go to Sand dollar island now! I also appreciate your advice on not going to Ocracoke via the core sound. Sounds like I had better renew my Sea tow membership!
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