Oregon/hatteras inlets

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Default Oregon/hatteras inlets

Planning a spring yellow fin trip and am looking for comments on Oregon and Hatteras Inlets. It has been about twenty years since I've fished that area and I'm trying to get info. which is best to run these days. My boat is a 22 Sea Hunt and I have many years fishing the Carolina coast.
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Don't know much about Hatteras Inlet but Oregon Inlet is known to be rough. I have been out of Oregon Inlet about 10 times in the last few years. Sometimes it is ok but sometimes it is ROUGH. Oregon Inlet is known to be one of the roughest inlets around and many avoid it.
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Hatteras is nice unless its a SW wind (if I remember correctly) and then you don't want to go out. Where as OI on a SW is nice and easy. Anything with a east wind out of OI is going to be bumpy and not so pleasant.
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Either one but you will have to pick your day with either. I would say Hatteras for spring just because its usally pretty good fishing 25 miles off. OI you may need to run 40 to 60 to find fish.
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Either inlet will be fine on the days you can go fishing. (Light and Variable)

Hatteras is going to average a 25-35 mile run, OI will be 35-45-55.

OI was dredged early winter, but the bar is still a BI***, Hatteras Inlet get cooky with SW winds, South winds, and SE winds.

In 22ft, Like i said , light and variable, and the inlets should be nor problemo.
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I can still remember my white knucle ride out of OI. in a 24ft Bay boat. Never again would I do that! Just remember don't turn around in the middle of the inlet!
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Default Hi ......

Great place to fish in the spring. We spend the last two weeks in May fishing out of Teaches Lair Marinia (great facility and folks). It's an easy run to the offshore fishing spots plus the inlet is well marked. Here are some videos & pics from last year plus some chart displays.

Teaches Lair Marinia

Tideline just seward to the HI Sea Buoy ...

Fish on ......

Rock Pile excursion ......

One nice thing is you can get to deep water fast 200 to 1000 ....

Great sunsets to ......

Trip to the Rock Pile

We stayed in the vicinity of the Rock all day.

Here are some chart tips of where to fish.

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Fishing wise Hatteras is better early Spring & OI is better late Spring. If you run OI follow a charter.
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Watch out for that NE blow.
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Where's the fish in your video?
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I have fished out of both inlets too many times to attempt a run to the tuna grounds in a 22 ft boat, especially in the spring. If it blows up after you get out there, you are in for a serious ride back. I remember one time we were fishing big rock in a 28 footer and that happened and it took us 4 hours to go 45 miles back to Morehead. In the summer you stand a better chance of getting away with it as long as you avoid a thunder boomer. Spring tends to be pretty bumpy.

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Spring at the NC Coast prepared to be able to fish about once ever 5 days or so in a 22 foot boat.
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Once again I enjoyed your video and appreciate your dependable charts and information.

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Default atkinsm MY BUD

Thanks to all for info
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Oregon Inlet can change at the drop of a dime. Been out in dead slick and came back to stacked 8 ft'rs 7 hours later. Practically got my ass handed to me.

Oh a couple other is narrowed down to one set of pilings and the shoal from the beach has moved out in the channel.

And no more taking "the crack" as the shortcut - at least the last time I went out, not even the fleet was taking it.

Be safe and watch the weather.
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I've fished out of Hatteras Inlet for 16 years. You just have to really pay attention to the wind and tide. I've seen times on certain tides with little wind that the inlet was terrible. fun place to fish but you CANT be too careful and never try and go on a borderline day. It can be a complete wall of whitecaps in a matter of minutes.
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July and August is your best bet.....Check the weather buoy at Diamond sholes,and Pick your day...
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