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If you are about to purchase one of these DON'T
In May of 07 I purchased a new 14 x 7 tandem black and orange trailer to tow my harley's with from East Coast Trailer Sales in Raleigh. I used it one time to go to MB. The rest of the time it has sat under a carport. I contacted Lark for a warranty issue, all the interior plywood has warped/buckled beyond repair. They told me to screw it down more. So if it splits its my fault or if a screw runs through the side it was my fault. So much for customer service or warranty. $4500.00 pissed away on a new trailer with no warranty and poor customer service. They set up at every local bike event BEWARE! I had a haulmark for three years and never a problem. You will be on you own, buy at your own risk. They are junk and don't care if you are happy or not. Just trying to save you some grief.

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