2020 Offshore Weather Observations :)

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Default 2020 Offshore Weather Observations :)

I was really bored so I downloaded all the year 2020 for the Onslow Bay buoy and crunched some numbers. Didn’t tell me anything that I didn’t already know – NC is a tough place to find good weather for offshore fishing in a small boat 😊.

Some explanation of the data:

There are 17,400 unique data points (every 30 minutes for 365 days)

My own personal definitions of “good”

- Wave Height 3 ft or less

- Wave Period: 2X or more the Wave Height in Seconds

- Wind 12 knts or less

Here is the wave height plot for the year (all 17400 data points, chronological left to right):
The green line is the “3 ft wave height mark”

Here is a table of the “average” wave heights and wave periods (actually the ratio of Period to Wave Height sec/ft) by month:

Same data graphically:

When I filter down to the percentage of data points that meet all of my “good” criteria, here are the percentages by month and for the year:

Clearly Jan – Mar generally sucks. For 2020, Apr-June and Sept were kinda crappy too. I’m guessing that some years those months look a lot better.

Lastly, here are the graphs for the best and worst months statistically in 2020 (March & August)



As I said, I was bored
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Impressive, I work in the chemical industry and love a good statistical analysis and graphical representation of data. When you can predict it months out into the future, send me to formula so I can put all my PTO days in before my boss realizes they coincide with great weather days
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I really like it when you're bored. 👍

Thanks for the analysis. It's very interesting to see and have the data confirm what last year felt like.
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damn this is good info, we fish SC and NC border most of the year, and we have been thru some crap. We are 4.5hr away so we have to plan and just suck it up when we do. That being said, we went to Marathon over New Years, everyone down there complains about "winter time winds", and we see that it wasn't the best conditions, but in the week we were there, essentially what we are ALWAYS use to in NC/SC
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I remember back in the 90's. When I worked on the Headboat. One June it was calm almost the whole month. Never seen anything like that month.
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Hey Center Crusher- awesome data-is there a further adjustment that needs to be made for tide changes in the specific periods or did you do that already? Just asking because doesn’t the daily observation plot looks way too sinusoidal? Where did you get the data? Would love to use it on my own bouys nearby! Thanks!
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Very nice. Coincides with what I would have expected and my observations as well. Thanks.
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Nice info OP ! I use a different analysis. If I can find time to go fishing....the Wx is gonna suck!
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I like it!
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Thanks. Good work.
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This was awesome to see. Thank you for posting!
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Great post. Thank you
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Great work and to some extent useful. There are a couple things I would say are not accounted for. Wind direction/change can be a major factor. Often times, the best time to be fishing is during a weather change period. This would not be well reflected in your data sets as it is simply eliminating some dates due to wind speed.

If I had to guess, your data reflects the seasonal influence of "Bermuda highs" which track through the mid-atlantic area around the times your data predicts. Although these can make for several days of nice boating conditions, they are more likely to produce sunburns than fish in the box.

If you want to catch fish and have decent boating weather, mark the periods where there is a hard wind shift. For instance, a stable SE wind for 3 or 4 days followed by a predicted hard shift to the NW would be a combination made in heaven if you can fish the transition period. Slick calm is likely the worst for fishing, though best for boating. You are mostly marking the slick calm days.

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